I'm a new customer and already regret it!

Morning everyone,

I’m a new customer, for less than a week!

Yesterday had a terrible day with my Curve Card and I’m deeply concerned and thinking of cancelling my account!

At around 05:35am, I tried to pay my TFL fare with my Galaxy Watch, which I did the day before and it was fine but for some unknown reason, yesterday was declined, I tried at least 3x until I had to pay with a different card with Samsung Pay on my phone!

At around 06:25am, tried to withdraw some money from the cash machine and it was declined, it was embarrassing and I didn’t even had my bank card with me, to back it up!

As a new customer, I’m already regretting being a customer and thinking of changing to a different service.

Contacted customer support, so far no reply!

Seems like a terrible service, so far!

I’ll be happy to get this fixed ASAP or just close my account, please.

Thank you.

Check your Curve app in Timeline or Wallet sections.

If there is NO declined transaction - so the POS terminal and the ATM do not have tokenized BIN* in allowed list. Contact their banks (bank’s operator) and request to update their pos/atm devices.

If there is a declined transaction - so there is a decline reason also, no enough funds of underlying card, your bank declines, you are using your curve cash card, or other reason.

Maybe ~ week will take support to answers you, if you are on free plan.

BIN is Bank Identification Number which is the first 6 digits of the 16 written on your card.
tokenized BIN is the BIN of the virtual card that is created in your device when you adding it *Pay (Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Garmin Pay, Wena Pay, Fitbit Pay,…)
The both BINs are different.

The POS/ATM devices have allow list of the BINs that can be used with them. If the BIN do not exist - operation is declined, there is no even transaction sent. Bank operator must update their devices (POS/ATM) wirh active Mastercard/Visa/AmEx/Diners/…etc lists.

Different banks can use different bank operators.

From real life I know that when I pay for a service I can demand ASAP otherwise wait FIFO.

I’m not a part of Curve, just ordinary user of free plan and my answer is based on experience with other services.


None of the reasons u suggested, applies.
Everything was working perfectly fine, the day before yesterday, so go figure!?
Hopefully, the Support Team can help out a bit more.
Thank you.

Works on same POS?
And on same ATM?

Do you have “transactions” in Curve’s Tilineline/Wallet sections or not?

I have used the same POS and ATM, from days before.

The transactions I have, are from the days before yesterday!

That is why is even harder to understand!

Do you have transactions in Timeline WHEN it was declined? Not previous.
POS prints something with decline reason?

If not the problem could be connectivity between pos’ bank operator and Curve’s bank operator. Normally it said “network error” for declined reason and print an decline receipt.

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No, those declined transactions don’t even show up anywhere!

I got declined in a tube station, and then I got declined at Sainsburys shop which it did show up on the screen it was declined but no receipt, then I tried to get some cash on the atm and also got declined!

I tried earlier at the tube again and at another shop, to see if everything was back to normal but still getting declined for some reason!

Hi @Marco_P welcome to the Community, glad to have you here! :partying_face:

Unfortunately there’s not much we can do here when it’s related to your account. If you’ve already reached out to our team then hold tight, they’ll get back to you as soon as they can!

Thank you Hannah.

I’ve got a reply from the Support Team.

Apparently my card was flagged by the risk engine, for some unknown reason!

The card has been unblocked and it’s working as it should, so far. Hopefully remains that way.

Thank You to the Community, for trying to help and a Thank You to the Support Team, for fixing the problem.


Who’s risk engine please? Who did the flagging?! I have the same problem. Worked fine for 2 days then nothing since.

Risk engine is probably a security protocol, that flags random transactions.

Once I’ve noticed the card wasn’t working, I sent an email to customer support and they unblocked the card.

Make sure you do the same!

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