I'm banned from Curve services permanently


My account has been suspended due the creation of multiple accounts. My first Curve account i couldn’t access it because i lost the access of mail account (i got proof). Second, I am a developer and yes I have created several accounts to test and find possible vulnerabilities and report them. And for that I’m sorry. I’d just wish that the ban don’t last like in my whole life because i like curve services. And i want to join with the slate cleaned and an curve metal subcription.

Thank you.

Presumably you have already been in contact with someone at Curve about this.

This community forum can help no further than whoever managed your case at Curve already has.

If you haven’t contacted them yet, then Curve may be able to assist by emailing them. Provided you followed the terms of the bug bounty program.


They don’t want to hear anything, I don’t even think they have the power to unban me I’m making a post here just to get the attention of a staff member “above” the support people.

So i guess no one from the staff gonna respond

To be honest, I’d say you are, in a way, a threat to Curve with the possibility of hacking. I wouldn’t expect the major banks to allow someone carrying out the same as what you have mentioned above onto their platforms…

Like @JackO has said, there is nothing further we as the community here can do for your ban. This would all need to go through Curve Customer Services.


No matter the reason, violation of the t&c is serious.

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