I'm currently on Legacy Curve Blue can I Pay £50 to upgrade to Legacy Curve Black or is it too late?

I signed up long ago and still have the original curve blue with the 1.5% cashback which, as I understand I will remain on once the new cards are out.

I can not seem to find any info that if I upgrade to the Legacy Card black will I still be eligible to be grandfathered to the %3 cash back or have I missed the boat?

The 3% is a limited offer, if you’re using Curve blue, you’ll be able to select 3 retailers to get cashback from. If you upgrade for £50 (which is done via sending the support team a message via your app) you’ll get 6 retailers for 90 days, after which it will revert to 3 retailers.

The older 3% offer is for people before 2018.

Both versions of Curve black will be grandfathered:)

Thanks for getting back to me however I’m confused. I have a list of over 30 retailers on my curve card and I’m on Curve Rewards not Curve cashback. Am I right in understanding you when you say if I upgrade to curve black olive go onto Curve cashback and loose my curve rewards or will I be on the curve rewards for legacy black (again with the 30 retailers) and then. Grandfathered on to that?

Also am I right in understanding that you get 3 retailers after the 90 days as that’s what it implies? I thought curve cashback was always just time limited?

Thank you, sorry to be a pain!

You stay on the same rewards plan that you’re on now.

If you’ve got this list; https://support.imaginecurve.com/hc/en-gb/articles/214356645-Which-retailers-can-I-earn-Curve-Rewards-with-?mobile_site=true

Ignore the fact I said 90 days.

Thank you, that makes more sense. If I upgrade to Legacy Curve Black now for £50 will I stay on curve rewards with those retailers but move to 3% or am I too late?

Will I move to the newer (but still older) curve black with cash back rewards instead of I upgrade now?

Thank you again.

You’ll always stay on whatever rewards program you’re on.

This may change in the future though

@Dann this doesn’t help with the confusion.

You say you will always stay on the rewards scheme you’re on, the VERY next sentence says that may change. I honestly dispair at the confusing messaging you guys work to.

I guess it’s just that to date users have always remained on the rewards programme they were started on initially but it doesn’t mean that going forward that won’t change…

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