IMPORTANT UPDATE: Curve Send will not be available for all Android users for a short time

Hey! We are turning off Curve Send for all Android customer in Beta for a short time. We will be releasing a new version of the app soon where you will have Curve Send with all new developments we’ve introduced in the past few days.

We will be sending out an email and updating you here once the new build is available.


Why is Curve always penalizing Android users, even though it has more than 3200 reviews on Android, only 53 on iOS?

Even the UI is more modern on iOS. What annoys me about iOS is that the e-mail with the invitation code to the beta program was waiting for almost a week. With Android you immediately get the opportunity to participate in the beta and to install the beta update.

Last update on Android was in April, which on iOS in October …

Hi there! We are not penalising Android users in any way, I am sorry you feel that way. The reason why the Android beta version was switched off was to fix a critical bug and avoid problems on your account.

We’ve been regularly releasing app versions in Beta for both Android and iOS, if you’ve not seen anything since April, you may want to contact our support team to make sure that you are definitely part of the Beta testers group.

The last version on Android beta was released last Thursday night and it is 2.13.4.