Important update on the Curve Xero integration

In late 2017, we launched the Xero partnership as one of many features Curve offers to help revolutionise your business spending.

As we continue to develop and improve our product, we intend to bring you many more features that simplify finances for everyone, from business owners to bookkeepers.

However, it has become clear to us that we cannot give the Xero integration the focus it needs to keep delivering this service at the high level of quality you deserve. Hence, we have decided to stop offering the product for the time being. Support is currently suspended and the Xero app icon will be removed from the connections tab in-app in the coming weeks.

We are sorry about any issues this may cause.

Hardly a surprise…

Probably the nail in the curve coffin for me. Very disappointed.

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I’m currently working on something that may fix a gap.

Bear with me :slight_smile:

Makes sense - the Curve product/market fit is firmly more B2C rather than exclusively B2B.

Keep me posted.

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I’m going to be on a flight tomorrow. So I’ll try use that time to create a guide :smile:


Is there any updates on that?


I haven’t been playing with it recently but I’ll give it another go soon!

Whilst Curve said this integration was suspended it kept working for me until about 17 Feb. Has anyone else noticed this?

Is it now actually suspended or is this a temporary issue?

Does anyone have any good alternatives?