Impossible to pay HMRC CT via Curve

I have upgraded to curve metal as I was aware the charges re: HMRC.

Tomorrow is deadline to pay CT and my curve doesn’t work. HMRC website shows declines, transactions reaches curve and my underlying card but show as pending. It will stay as pending on both cards (curve and my underlying card) and bounce backs.

Curve lack of support is beyond shocking! They are blaming my ‘postcode’.

Also tried paying via HMRC phone line, and again, curve won’t process it.
My underlying card will work, but fess will apply (£50).

What is the point of paying £150 for the metal when you can’t use it.

Anyone with the same problem or advise?

Many Thanks,

@GIRAFFE - Surely you didn’t pay £150 to upgrade to Metal in order to avoid paying a £50 fee to use your underlying card? Hopefully not anyway!

I suggest you just make the CT payment asap rather than wait for Curve to find a solution for you to avoid any fines, interest and additional charges HMRC may add to your bill - and also suggest avoid waiting until the last minute to pay your CT bill next year!

Cheers buddy

You have to stay under your daily limit else it fails with incorrect address message. Hope that helps. So split the payment over multiple days.

Of course I did upgrade in order to allow HMRC payment via curve. This was supposed to be a big selling point.

I am not talking about CT only, there are lots of FEES VAT, etc where curve should apply.

My daily limit 5K is enough to cover this transaction.

I just need curve to work.

Do you have a different underlying card you could switch to to see if it makes any difference?

I have that problem with any kind of top up service, no matter what underlying card I use. Transaction fails and underlying card shows money coming out and being immediately refunded

I think 3DS is the culprit.

I had to use my underlying card (Visa Corporate) to pay HMRC and absorve the fees. THANK YOU VERY MUCH CURVE!!!

I did… but all cards are using 3DS and curve isn’t. It would be good if Curve support would let us know instead of giving us wrong information (i.e. "you have entered the wrong postcode)

I know this is not very helpful to you but I successfully paid circa 20k in CT and some SA also to HMRC via curve in Jan and had no issues other than splitting the amounts into 5k batches.