Impossible to verify a new Visa card (screenshot added)

So, I’m trying a whole day to add my new Visa card from Latvian Citadele Bank. It was successfully taken the amount of £1 and refunded immediately to my Visa card. So card details is correct. I’m already tried to remove and add again this card for a few times and it’s no luck.

any suggestions?

Hi @Kirils,

please reach out to the support team like stated in the pop up. The forum is not meant to be used for support requests. :slight_smile:


Sorry, thanks. I already sent this message to the Curve support today.

Hi there!

Nice “meeting” another Curve user from :latvia:! Incidentally, I’m having the same issue with one of my Citadele Visa cards.

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Hi, alextimo.
Nice to see you too:) So it’s probably our Citadele bank issue. Maybe they block such of pairings,huh.

I have another Citadele Visa card that is working with Curve, and also a Citadele Mastercard linked to Curve as well.

Then it’s really strange. So maybe it’s only with X card that happens?

@Kirils: Sveiciens no LV :slight_smile:
So, are you 100% sure you entered code correctly ?

The problem is, it doesn’t pop up any window where I can enter this code. So it’s some kind of bug specially with this card or whatever.

Normally window where you can enter code must pop-up when you press “Verify Card”.

Nope, not with this card. When I trying to click “Verify card” it’s just pop up this window how you can see on my screenshot and when I close it nothing to happen.

So problem was resolved by yourself. I just checked again to verify and it’s pop up windows where was available to insert this 6 sign code, so it’s done, working flawlessly:)

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