In App Card Details

It is really frustrating trying to use the ‘copy card’ option when having to switch between multiple apps or webpages to input card details since these are no longer shown on cards. This is made all the more annoying when you have a website the captures the card number in 4 boxes, thus meaning you cant even paste what you’ve copied and then the final piece is having to remember the expiry and CVV.

All of this means that we end up saving the card details in notes, or screen shot them for easy access-all defying the point.

I really like the feature in principle, but some more UX thought needs to take place here as to how a user really does use this feature.

I use 1password to store securely all my CC info and just have it autofilled then

I get that and creative solutions are the only option here, but that’s more my point. How did this get through any UX workshop/testing?

Good UX doesn’t need users creative solutions to make it work.

I’m not sure where you’re having issues, it works perfectly every time when I use it via safari on my iPhone…?

This sounds more like bad website design. With CSS it’s quite possible for them to display in 4 sets of 4 but still accept paste to the first box and filling all of them. I’m not sure how Curve could manage it differently in this sort of scenario as 4 at a time wouldn’t be much use?

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To be honest as long as I can copy the card number, it’s not too difficult to remember the date and 3 digits long enough to plug them in manually…