In app chat temporarily switched off

In app chat temporarily switched off

Hey guys :wave:,

The Curve Team, told me to update you on the current situation regarding LiveChat in app.

We’ve currently switched off Livechat for a few days as we’re currently working on implementing a new system within our CX department which in the long run should speed up our support team response times dramatically! It will be switched back on as soon as possible, once we have capacity!

In the meantime, premium customers are being flagged on inbound tickets and we have a team handling their queries as a matter of high priority!



Two questions to Curve (not to @Mattia, I don’t want to shoot the messenger :wink:) pop up immediately.

  1. Why didn’t a Curve staff member (instead of asking a non Curve employee to do this) post this earlier in this community and on their other social media accounts?

  2. Why does the chat bot still tell users “None of our advisors are online at the moment…chat again between 9:00 and 18:00…” instead of stating that the live/in app chat has temporarily been switched off?


What kind of priority do we have? I find this just disrespectful of the customer who pays for METAL and priority support.
I wrote you this morning about not being able to add my DINERS and as of now I still have no answer. This is just shameful.


Hey all!

I’ll try my best to answer some questions surrounding this:

  • It was actioned as a quiet switch off, as it was decided it would be a smoother experience, and we didn’t have the capacity as The Social Team at the moment to reach the community about this. We’re sorry we missed the announcement!
  • It is a good suggestion that the app should say that Livechat has been switched off in order to provide some clarity. We’ll pass this feedback on!
  • Please be assured that priority support is returning, we just need a moment to make your experience cleaner and better than it was before!

My thoughts exactly!

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So given that there is no indication in-app that the chat has been suspended, how will we know when it is restored?

If by “quiet”, you mean “we hope you don’t notice” then why make any announcement at all?

This sort of thing is not helping your reputation for support. It makes you look disorganised.


If I wasn’t stuck in the cooling-off period, I would just downgrade my Metal subscription right now. There is nothing appealing about the Metal offer, especially after the pandemic started. All the good features being UK-first isn’t a good look either.

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I agree. Definitely would not have invested as Premium customer if I’d known this would happen. They’ve taken €150 from my bank account despite numerous requests by me to get my metal card reward foc
Now nobody is replying to my emails. I think I’ll have to report it as an unauthorized transaction to MasterCard.

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It seems that since the latest Android and iOS update the in app (premium) live chat has been (temporarily?) removed from the Curve app.

Even on iOS. I think they must have removed it on purpose.

It’s just a matter of days before they will remove support by mail too and ask you to contact them only using a carrier pigeon or putting your help request in bottle in the hope the sea will bring it to them.

Worse support ever.


You are urging us to promote Curve to friends and colleagues and yet you have withdrawn the support function from the app. Please explain how I’m supposed to ‘sell’ the card/service in this state.


Hey guys, just a quick update - we’re really close to getting back to normal (and even better than), thanks for bearing with us while we’ve made this turnaround. We hope to work with you and make your future experience amazing!

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Hmmm… this started at the beginning of August and is ending at the end of August/begin of September… Sounds a lot like a summer holiday…


Just a little update

Another update

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New chat = wife has started a chat this morning to change her name since we got married last month. Robot that talks to you first was frustrating. She finally was able to type out what she was messaging for to be told to wait up to 48 hours for a response?! How is that instant support? That’s the same speed as emailing, which so far is shocking as I’m 23 days into waiting for a solution to the new rewards system.

Something needs to change here. Pull out of releasing in the USA. Focus on what you’ve got now and fine tune the product. I’ve used Curve solely for 3 years now and it’s never been like this. My wife is fed up of the lack of service and the issues over the past 12-14 months. I’m getting fed up now. I’ve referred friends and looked a muppet as it’s gone wrong. I’ve not had any responses to my issues other than ‘it’s not worked, but we are looking into it’ - why was it not tested fully before releasing? Why are we at this point where nothing is going right? I’ve invested twice into this and I want it to succeed, but I’m slowly starting to believe in the product that I so believed in 3 years ago. I push everything (apart from direct debits) through Curve. £1500-2000 a month. I pay £14.99 a month subscription. And this is what it’s become. I’m disappointed. You can’t say the lack of support is from the pandemic. I got more during lockdowns then I have had in the past 6-8 months. My customer service team at work have worked remote for 2 years and have done fine. A customer service front that’s based solely on chat/messenger or over email does not need to be office-based - so what is the issue? Why do we, as investors/community supporters, not get the full picture? Why are people left to wait. I ring my bank 24/7 if there’s an issue. I can chat to them 24/7 if there’s an issue. I get to speak to someone 24/7. I appreciate Curve is not a multi-National, multi-billion pound bank, but if Monzo can offer it, why can’t Curve? If Starling bank can offer it, why can’t Curve? We see the reports of how much Curve has generated over the year, so where is that being invested? Why not in Customer Services? The SOLE of any business.

I’m sorry this is long, but when you have a passion for something, you let the pen hit the paper (or in this instance; finger hit the touchscreen keyboard!)



May as well have just left it off since migrating, no-one bothers replying!

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Amen. 2 separate chats spanning 8 days and no reply. Just want to downgrade my account (which the app won’t allow me) and so far I’ve spoken to just a robot previously and now that robots not even responding.

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