In app chat temporarily switched off

About 2 months now and the Diners still doesn’t work in Italy. They assured me they were working hard on this and they would have contacted me as soon as they had news.
Well, yesterday I received a mail from the support asking if I still had problems, otherwise they would close the issue: is this the way they are working hard on my issue? They are working so hard that they don’t even know if they have resolved it or not???

This support is a joke.

And don’t hope about a better support: they closed the support 1st of August and restarted it at the 1st of September. I don’t call this a new feature: I call it summer holiday for the support team.

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Just seen this thread… Been on for help tonight and no live chat available - been told to wait 48h. Metal user for 3+ year. Not good enough.


The previous chat was fine. Simple, effective and modern. In fact, it was spot on. Never did I have an issue with speaking to someone and at times it felt more ‘personal’ with the slight change to usual robotic-responses and some slight laughter whilst resolving my issue. This new chat looks dated, difficult to find (if you are new) and does not notify you of a new notification.

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Hi Curve team,

First of all, must admit I haven’t used the in-app chat feature for a long while, therefore I’m not quite certain if the premium support for Metals is discontinued. (I beg your pardon but sometimes I don’t read T&C updates carefully.)
But a question has now appeared which requires your kind assistance. When I opened a relevant ticket and waded through the robot menus to describe the problem, I ultimately failed waiting to talk to the Curve rep. I used to get connected in a few minutes back in the day, and this was amazing. Instead, now I receive an autogenerated message asking me to wait for 48 hours.

Is this experience somewhat permanent from now on?


UPD. Apologies for opening a brand new thread for this problem, haven’t looked up for it. Thanks for merging, will stay here to track.

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Sent this response today since nobody at curve seems to care and since how have had no response to my ticket raised on Sat PM (Metal user).

See @Mattia closed your thread and merged to here.

It’s not at all @Mattia fault of course but given that in her message said they would be turning it off temporarily on 12 Aug and it is now 16 Sep this is quite frankly unacceptable and Curve should be issuing a further update with a timeline as to when it will be restored.

19 days since the ‘we are nearly back’ update. You (Curve) are shooting yourselves in the foot. This level of support is unacceptable. You need to provide a realistic resumption date for in app chat. There are too many ‘coming soon’ promises with little or no updates. Stop inventing new features and fix what’s broken!

Engagement from Curve on this forum seems more and more minimal these days.

I have been with Curve pretty much since they launched to private consumers in the UK, either as legacy black and lately metal.

I get they want to grow but the focus seems to be inordinately at the moment on new customers and features, at the neglect of the basics and, more importantly, of longer term customers whose support has helped get them where they are today.


Couldn’t agree more.

It’s been 22 days since any formal reply here - which either indicates they are totally over-run and can’t cope or they don’t care. Either way this is not a good state to be in if you are trying to expand your client base. Even a ‘sorry for the delay’ message would be better than nothing.

I can’t in all honesty recommend Curve at the moment which is a shame as I want them to succeed.

The “we are experiencing high volumes” wears thin too after a few weeks.

A short period is fine, but if it persists it means you are understaffed.

Part of me wonders if Curve is distancing itself from this forum, with a view to shutting it down. Maybe it’s become a distraction or an inconvenience to them?