In-App Identity Verification

In-App Identity Verification

Hey everyone, below is an exciting update from our Product team on improving account creation and identity verification:

Curve is not a bank, but we’re still a financial institution. To keep you safe and meet regulations, we need to be able to verify who our customers are.
We just released a feature that, if required, will allow users to verify their identity from within their Curve app (no need to contact customer service!). If this is required, you will see a button labeled “ Begin Identity Verification ” within the account tab. This flow will ask you to submit your ID and take a selfie.
Find out more here: (How to verify my identity in the Curve app?)

Please let me know here if you have any questions so that I can raise these with our Product team!


I did it via app. Card still doesn’t work despite the mail you send me saying my limits are upgrade now. Card is not fonctionning for 2 months now. Also my card pin has changed by itself. Customer service don’t reply. You don’t answer via twitter and FB neither… Where i have to ask help? When my problem will be resolved. Is there anyone in your team to help?

Bit surprised I had the link to verify my identity in my app after using Curve for almost 4 years now (3 years and 10 months now) with already high limits.

But the process was easy and I got confirmation of the successful verification within minutes. Although the alert said my limits had been raised, they remain the same as before. But they are plenty high enough for me.


Hello @Curve_Joel,

Just a question…

Do all users have to verify their documents, even if they have already sent in documents requesting to raise the limits?

Mine isn’t working. Keeps saying ‘face isn’t visible’ when taking a photo of my driving licence. It’s as visible as anything yet refuses to accept it…?

Strangely I had just submitted despite this error message and it’s been approved… :woozy_face:


Not happy though!! After 3+ years of using Curve solely, you’ve now knocked my daily Curve limit from £9,000 to £2,000 and £1,000 at an ATM to £200?!? Why? From sending a photo driving licence and a selfie of myself…

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Sorry to hear that. Mine stayed exactly the same before and after verification…

Does feel weird to be asked to verify after using for do long, but hey…


I am also a customer for a very long time, but never have been asked for identity verification. So I expect that I will be asked for identity verification soon. Where you just like me also not asked to verify your identity when you joined Curve?


I don’t remember ever having to explicitly verify my identity via the app, but I think Curve did a “soft search” at Credit Reference Agencies to verify my identity when I first joined.

It may have been the case that the credit report provided enough data for Curve to be confident of your identity and your creditworthiness without you needing to send anything in?

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As I am Dutch and I am living in the Netherlands I don’t think Curve has done/could have done a soft credit search on me. (This lack of possibility to do this for non-UK residents is also why I think Curve Flex is not available outside the UK.)

OK, maybe that part wasn’t relevant outside the U.K.

Do you not have credit reference agencies in the Netherlands, then?
How do banks assess applications for credit cards or loans?

Yes we have one it’s called BKR (Bureau Krediet Registratie, I am fairly sure there is no need to translate :wink:)

By checking my registration at the BKR :slightly_smiling_face: and asking for pay slips, prove of employment et cetera.

But I am 100% sure Curve did not check me with the BKR, because if they wanted to that I would have needed to give them my explicit (saying yes multiple times, “are you sure”, “are you sure you are sure” :slightly_smiling_face: to a very clearly formulated text) consent. And in order to check me at the BKR Curve would have needed to check my identity anyway. Because in order to check my registration at the BKR they would need my Citizen Service Number (BSN).

I think I can work that out, haha!

Very interesting, that sounds much less automated than things here most of the time.

If you’ve been a victim of fraud or impersonation in the U.K., you can ask for CIFAS “protected registration”, which is a list of people banks must do extra checks on before handing out credit. CIFAS is an anti-fraud bureau that compares every application you make against data already held about you, with the aim of highlighting inconsistencies for investigation.

Unless you have CIFAS protected registration, there is usually no need for anything other than your personal details for a search at the CRAs here, an entirely automated process. Credit reference agencies have access to the electoral register (a list of voters and their addresses) so that is taken as a source that proves your address and identity.

It sounds like a much more manual process, more like it is for someone with CIFAS protected registration, for you.

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Last night the “Begin Identity verification” option showed for me in my Curve account. So this morning I started this process, but not before taking a screenshot of my Curve limits (screen), because of this:

No problems taking pictures of my driver’s license and making a selfie. But after my identity was verified I received an in-app message (sorry, forgot to make a screenshot) and an email (see screenshot below) telling that my limits had been updated.
Luckily for me, when I checked my limits they were still the same.
However given that is was not me that started the identity verification process in order to get higher spending limits, but it was Curve for a different reason, I think the sentence about updated limits should be left out of both messages.


I just don’t understand how Curve can drop my limits from verifying my ID? And to that extent. I am back to the limits I was given when I originally signed up! As I have mentioned a fair few times on here, I only use my Curve Card for everyday spending which can be around £2,000+ a month. I appreciate the new limit is now suitable to my needs, but what if I decided to make a massive purchase whilst out and about (or in fact had to pay for my dogs vet bill of £3,400+ last night if my insurers hadn’t underwritten directly last minute!!) to then find I couldn’t as I’ve got a really low limit again. I only carry my Curve Card. Thats the whole point. I’ve worked hard to build up a higher limit with Curve and now I am back to square one. Bit unfair. @Curve_Joel - any ideas? I’d flag through Customer Service, but will end up waiting weeks for a reply.

As you can tell, I am not happy about this.

It appears to now be one issue after another here. Can we go back to 2018/19 when everything ran smoothly please?!


Hey @JoshuaBoots, sorry for that bump back down with your spending limits. This is an error and you’re fully entitled to be moved back to your previous limits! Pop a message to our support team so that they correct this for you there. You shouldn’t be waiting as long as in recent months due to the work being put in by the CX team to get things back on track.

I hear you and we’re working hard to do just this!


Hey @Curve_Joel,

Any info about this?

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Spot on, Joel! Really appreciate that. That is the service I miss about Curve! I will pop them a ticket now.


Just FYI… key pops up yesterday in my app and I did verification in two minutes.

After 3/4 minutes I got the confirm it’s OK.

Now I see my card limits I never seen before… (when I pressed for them, I got help page before!)

Please note that before nobody asked me to do an identity verification…

Exactly the same for me. Limits back down due to new card. Asked for them to be put back. Got the generic ‘need to verify id’ - why? Was OK the day before. 2 weeks later, still waiting.