In-App Identity Verification

Thanks Joel, but my identification process was completed with no issues, it’s then my limits being cut right back down to when I first started using Curve? I had Built up a high limit over the years!

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I’m sorry Joel but I think many will share the sentiment that that’s exactly why people get frustrated with Curve. I. E. things seem to be pushed out before they are fully tested / ready.

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So they’ve responded and told me it’s returned to what they were but I’m at £4,000 daily limit instead of £9,000 :man_facepalming:t3:

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I’m glad to hear the support team are still looking into this for you. Have you let them know that this isn’t what it was previously again so they can keep investing?

No need to apologise at all, @simonjh. You’re correct and more rigorous testing needs to be introduced for changes such as this. I’ll be passing this feedback on to the team for you!

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Yep, I’ve pushed it back! Thanks for your help


I have already done that anyway if they were wrong how did it work fir 2 transactions.

Because they both change when your physical card arrives…

I still don’t see the option in app. Is this something we can ask for? thanks
//As my daily limit is still the entry level, although annual limit is sky high :roll_eyes:

Hey @lestin, there’s still no need to worry if you’re not seeing a prompt in the Curve app! You can still let our support team know that you’d like an increase in your limits by using the usual support channels and they’ll look into this for you.


How to verify my identity if I don’t see the option inside the app? I use the most recent version from Play Store, was waiting 10-15 mins with app opened and still nothing.


I recently signed up to Curve, have received my card, and used my Curve card via my phone successfully. So that’s good :slight_smile:

But Identity Verification has failed: “We’re having trouble verifying you…”. the Contact Support option in the app is not useful. Can’t talk to a human and the suggested question/answers do not help.

What should I do now?
Do I need to complete this verification step? (there doesn’t seem to be a way to try again in the app)


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Welcome to the Community, @darrell! :star2:

Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with the in-app verification feature and with getting in touch with the support team through the app, @domy_os and @darrell. Please pop an email to our customer experience team at instead of using the Curve app so that our customer experience team can pick this issue up for you there!

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I have not found it mentioned in this thread, but the customer support has told me recently that driving licenses are not a valid type of identity for verification of EU residents. Only national identity cards and passports are accepted.

To complicate things further does Curve use a verification process by Onfido which allows submitting drivers licenses, or at least it did in December 2021.

I got this reply regarding this matter on December 6 2021:

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept National ID cards or Passports for our customers within the EU due to regulatory reasons.
Best regards,
Team Curve

If you only have a drivers license, then they will put a notice on your account, remind you after a month or so and I guess probably close your account after a while.

A lot of people in Sweden for example only has a drivers license for identification. The price to obtain a national ID card or passport is almost 40 EUR in this country. One must ask if it is worth that amount to be able to keep using Curve or not.

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If this happens to me, after being a client for years, then why stay? I can use Apple Wallet instead if I lose the limits. I am very much upset with this change.

Most importantly, we do not have ID card in the UK, and we are not required to hold a passport. So what exactly is going on?


Just verified my ID.

Curve cut my limits


And After

In protest I removed the Curve card from Apple Wallet and took my physical card out of my purse for a day.

Hey @Flowerpot, I’m sorry to hear you felt this response was necessary.

This change to your limits is automatic as part of account verification and our support team would be happy to return you to your previous limits if you contact them to mention this change happened. Please be aware that, unless you contact the support team, no one will be aware of your protest and they will therefore be unable to help with the issue.

If you’re certain that you’d no longer like to spend with Curve due to this issue then we’re sorry to see you go and you’re welcome to remain in our Community for as long as you’d like. If you’d like to delete your Community account then please PM me so we can discuss this.

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I have some good news.

I sent an email to support and they corrected the limits. It was a mistake because of the identification process thinking I was a new user.

Unfortunately, there was an error that occurred which caused your limits to be temporarily downgraded. With your recently submitted ID documents being successfully verified, this has now resolved the issue and your limits should have now returned to normal.

Limits are back to before. What a relief.

( I should be very sad if I had to stop using Curve ).

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Glad to hear it, @Flowerpot! :raised_hands:

Very weirdly I received an email this morning asking me to verify my identity, after many years of using the app / card almost solely and being an investor… why now? And is this why my card was declined three times when I tried to use it this afternoon?

** UPDATE **

Online support have said that the card was blocked automatically after Curve sent me the email. To say I’m frustrated is putting it very mildly.

Lesson learnt is to carry more than one card when out and about so will be back to having to carry more than one card in wallet.


Hi @aliboomaye, thanks for reaching out. It’s not uncommon for our team to reach out to request additional identification after some time spending with the account. This can be due to a number of factors and isn’t something to be concerned by. Once our team has received this information they won’t need to request it again.

Has this since been sorted for you? :grin:

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