In-App Identity Verification

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That worry’s me now cause doing identity it stops you accessing the service with no further contact other places do that

As someone whos was looking to apply for Curve to use Swatchpay, I have an important question.

Im over 40something so my driving licence is the pre-photo paper sort. And as Im not a traveller, dont have a passport.

This sounds like I basically have no way of using Curve. Is that correct?

@Curve_Joel are you able to answer that?

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Mine was £2000 spend and £1000 ATM, and 2 months on, Curve has not done any update :frowning:
2018 is golden for Curve. Hope that is not the peak …

At least you got the id verification thing. It doesn’t show up in mine.

Hang on, Curve, do you have that feature for your Beta app users?..

Yes, they do. I have the beta app and recently the ‘feature’ appeared for me in my app and I successfully identified myself.


I also have the beta app and have no problems with the in-app identity verification. My limits have also remained the same as they were before the in-app identity verification.

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Thanks Paul. Guess I just need to wait for this button to appear for me then.


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I’m having an issue still. I’m a curve customer for years and already increased my limits before but after the old card is expired and I received a new one I keep getting asked to identify myself again. I do it and get verified but again after some time payments get rejected and it says limit has been reached again.

I can’t see my current limits. Clicking “card limits” redirects me inside the app to a generic FAQ section about card limits with no specific limits to my account. I submitted a ticket and no answer from customer service. I also started a post but no one from customer service replies. Please consider my request. The card is becoming unusable after I got used to spend EUR 2000+ monthly with it.

I had this issue too BUT it fixed itself after I did the identification process.

So it seems your identification has not properly registered or somethin’… :thinking:


Don’t expect a reply for at least 10 days!


I’m already prepped for a month!

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Did you get your limits raised again back to what they were?

I got my limits back a couple of days ago - took over 2 weeks!

Their response was:

Thanks for your patience.

I can confirm that your documents have now been reviewed and your account fully verified. Your limits have now been increased to an enhanced level. You can view your new limits from within the app by going to “Account” and then tapping “Card Limits."

The reason your limits changed is because you were on our outdated spending limits structure before we reissued your Curve Card.

Then, when you activated your new card our system moved you over to our newest limit structure. As we didn’t have additional verification on your account, you were placed on our lowest limits level again.

I’m truly sorry for any inconvenience this has caused so far.

Have a great day and please let me know if there’s anything else you’d like our help with.

I thanked them, but also raised the issue of lack of (and speed of) communication. My limits were reduced without notification - what if I had truly been away with only my Curve card? If they had emailed me beforehand, we could’ve sorted it all out ahead of time I said.

Unfortunately the response was just the same as the above, sweeping away any notion that there was an issue on their end.


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Hi, I have recently download the app and set up with a Mastercard, (I am using Samsung Pay).
I was initially able to perform 2 x transactions and since then all other transactions have been declined. I looked to see why this may be in the Help centre and thought it may be because of the Identity verification which I hadn’t done. I uploaded photos and Driving license as requested but the verification was unsuccessful, this was 5 days ago. I tried to contact through the support chat but was not able to get help initially and have not heard anything since requesting further help and am still unable perform any transactions.
Can you advise how and when I might be able to get some help with this. Certainly not the experience I was hoping for when starting a new app. Thanks.

Doublecheck your actual Curve MasterCard expiry date & CVV with those you entered in your wallets…

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Sorry for the delay with responding to this one @Mattia and @JoshuaBoots. I’ve checked this with the team and they’ve informed me that the current rules used to determine which customers see the option to verify their identity in-app still needs some refining. In the meantime, this means some users may see the option despite already being fully verified.

If you know for certain you’ve already followed this process then there’s no need to submit identification again. If you’re in doubt or don’t remember submitting identification then please make sure to use the option if it’s available to verify yourself in the app!


Nope, still waiting. Not heard anything back from my Ticket either!