In-App Identity Verification

Thanks Joel, but my identification process was completed with no issues, it’s then my limits being cut right back down to when I first started using Curve? I had Built up a high limit over the years!

I’m sorry Joel but I think many will share the sentiment that that’s exactly why people get frustrated with Curve. I. E. things seem to be pushed out before they are fully tested / ready.

So they’ve responded and told me it’s returned to what they were but I’m at £4,000 daily limit instead of £9,000 :man_facepalming:t3:

I’m glad to hear the support team are still looking into this for you. Have you let them know that this isn’t what it was previously again so they can keep investing?

No need to apologise at all, @simonjh. You’re correct and more rigorous testing needs to be introduced for changes such as this. I’ll be passing this feedback on to the team for you!

Yep, I’ve pushed it back! Thanks for your help

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I have already done that anyway if they were wrong how did it work fir 2 transactions.

Because they both change when your physical card arrives…