In app (priority) LiveChat temporarily switched off

Hi, is there some update about the “priority chat”? Seems a little bit disrespectful for people paying for metal to not have an opportunity to get a reply faster. Personally, I’m waiting 3 days for reply now. The query is kinda important and nobody is talking to me.

Yeah, this is insanely bad. “Priority support”. Probably faster queue at heart transplant…

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It says 48hours and now a full week has gone and still no reply…

What happens to the chat? It was working before!

I had to push for a full week including noise on Twitter last week that’s how I got sorted. I raised another ticket on Monday still about cashback waiting to see how long it takes.

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This email hit my inbox today, hope it gets resolved asap.

Hi Lukas,

We want to be upfront with you – our customer support hasn’t been up to scratch lately, and response times have been slow. We want to explain what’s happened and what we’re doing to fix it, ASAP.

In August, we migrated to a new customer interaction system that will massively improve our customer support (and your Curve experience). It will be faster, simpler and more efficient. After successfully testing it, we made the move but alas – something went wrong. Thousands of old, resolved customer queries got mixed in with new queries that were awaiting a response. We had no way of distinguishing the old from the new, creating hundreds of hours in additional manual labour.

To tackle the issue, our customer experience advisors have been putting in overtime, we’ve borrowed resources from other parts of the business, and we’ve been actively recruiting to get ahead of the problem. But it’s going to take time.

You deserve better, and that’s what we’re going to deliver – swift, in-app resolutions, resolved within 24 hours. Sadly, we’re still a few weeks away from being at our dream state, but rest assured that we’re working around the clock to get there!

Lastly, if you’ve already raised a ticket, you won’t need to raise another. It’s not lost – just taking us a bit longer to get to it. Thanks for bearing with us while we transition to a smoother experience for everyone. If your query doesn’t require technical assistance, you may find a solution directly in our Help Centre section of the app. You’ll find it at the very bottom of the Account tab.

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Just a little update:

Bless god I didn’t invest in Curve

So is the chat function STILL disabled?

STILL no notification in the app that this is the case.

How do I get support now?

I raised a support request in chat 10 DAYS AGO. I’ve been updating it since, unaware that chat was disabled.

I have been waiting now for 6 days to get a reply in the Kustomer chat.
Is there a trick for getting Curve to respond? Maybe an e-mail address I can try instead of the chat that nobody seems to be watching?

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Get them on Twitter @askcurve

13 days ? I’ve been waiting 2 months. Every 2 weeks someone writes to me telling me they have “thousands of messages” and I will need to be patient.

It seems the chat feature is back. I have had quick responses yesterday and today morning. (Metal Customer)

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It is still off for me (Metal Subscriber also) :pensive:

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I’m a Curve Metal User and I’m still waiting the answer from 03/01
What happened to the support?

Nudge them over twitter on @askcurve

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Careful - if Curve don’t get back to you within 10-days and you haven’t chased them again within the same timeframe, the ticket will be closed automatically by Curve!

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The support disappeared.

The level of customer care at curve is abysmal! I have two ongoing case with them and you need to constantly chase them back again. In one case (a go back in time) - they came back realtively quickly with an adequate response asking only for a confirmation to go ahead, which as given the same day - they then let the issue rot for 22 days for an operation involving a significant amount.

In another case I had a delivery issue from a company (not delivering the good after 3 months) and the dispute stands nowhere - you get in contact with different people and the response times are simply unacceptable.

I cannot imagine for people which are not even on Curve Metal as I supposedly get premium support!

Dear Curve - please do not enter the US market with your current support level.


Am I the only one having issued when trying to write dates? if I want to write todays date, 21 january… and press send… it automatically changes to 1. january… it doesn’t seem to be the phone that does that change since it’s not in the suggestions of autocorrect…