In app purchases problem

I have a problem with apps from Google play store and Curve.
I cannot make any in-app purchases with Curve card.
In the Curve app I have added and verified few credit and debit cards. I can buy and place orders online with Curve normally.

But today, I tried to make in app purchase.

I have selected Curve as a means of payment and at first, I thought that I have succeeded. App redirected me to an authorization page and it told me that I need to authorize the payment within the curve app. But in the curve app there was nowhere to authorize payment, there was no pop up notification, nothing. So I have canceled the transaction and I tried again.

And then I got google app error saying “Your transaction can’t be completed” .
And I tried, oh my god did I tried, I tried so many times… and always got the same error.

I tried following all the steps from google support center
but without any luck.

Can anybody provide some answer. Did google block my card or is it some error from curve?

disclaimer: I tried to purchase premium version of kinedu and babysparks app :slight_smile:

This sounds like a 3DS issue, as described in the topic below:

yes, it sure looks like 3DS issue. But what bothers me is why I was getting error “Your transaction can’t be completed” next time and every other time after that?

Might be because the transaction was unsuccessful because of the possible 3DS issue. As you will see in the 3DS topic and the other topics that are mentioned there, these 3DS issues come in all forms and sizes. For some the issue means the transaction can not be completed successfully. Not sure why the message did not show up on your first couple of tries.
Other possibility can be that you tried too often with the same card and then Google had enough and decided to block your card and to show you the message.