In built help conversion never worked for me

I’m on honor v10 android device with the latest update and couldn’t manage to get help working for me so far for at least 12 months. I’ve reinstalled app on the meantime and you had multiple apps updates wich made no difference.
When ever I go to it or will first show as failure to retreive check attachment, which it looks like cannot connect to your server and likely silently crash since i will not be able to come to that screen any more after returning back to main app screen. Click on start conversation doesn’t work. I didn’t bother chasing it until now when I need quick answers and not waiting on longer email threads I used so far.

Usual app maintenance didn’t help so it must be a problem on your backends side


Hi, it works fine for me on my Samsung Android 10 device :ok_hand: and just to assure you - this way of support isn’t any faster then writing an email, response times are the same. :hourglass_flowing_sand: Also, if I send an email to Curve support, it shows up here in the app. So it seems it all lands on the same pile… :books:

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