Inbox in the app/the ability to access previous notifications

Over the weekend there was an outage that caused rejection of payments. I saw a message pop up about it on my phone, but when I pressed to read it the App opened and I could see no sign of the message. I checked back on my phone and there were multiple spend notifications but no sign of the message.
Later a similar incident occurred, but again, no way to see the message other when it initially shows on my screen.
Could these messages be added to the app so they can be read when convenient and referred to after the event?


Good idea. I support that.

Agree. System messages log would be very helpfull. As an addition, there also should be more options like turn off transaction notifications but keep system messages.

Agree with recent posts - please add your votes for this idea - hopefully it’ll be considered in the next version (or even beta?!) @diego_curve @Curve_Marie

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Agreed. There have previously been enormous protracted rows amongst other bank-specific communities purely on the matter of important information being unretrievable - often the receiver has not even grasped the point of the communication.

Being able to capture such messages for say, a limited period like a week or so, would allow rather more assurance that the customer is in top of things :slightly_smiling_face:

How do you vote and where? #schoolboyquestion

There’s a “Vote” button at the top of every thread in the “Ideas” category, such as this one. On desktop it’s in the top left corner, on mobile it’s a horizontal bar.


Got it. I was looking at the end. Thanks!

It’s racing up the list! Here’s the current options sorted by number of votes…

Does anyone else have an issue with these? The spending alerts are fine but I had one this morning that said something about Black Friday but have no idea what it said because as soon as I clicked on it, it opened the app & disappeared. Is there somewhere in the app you can read your alerts?
Am I doing something wrong as this always happens :cry:

I saw the same thing. And also the same thing happened. Its not on the Notification Centre.

Surely the Curve app can have a log of the messages that they send us. So we can look back to it. Lots of banks have these in their mobile app for such important messages like server maintenance, why cant Curve implement it? Probably even cheaper than sending SMS for those alerts.

All Curve notifications are transient whether that is Payment or Support related, you have to read the notification while its being displayed. There is no where else you can see these if you accidentally swipe the notification away.

In any case the notification said, Curve are giving away £15K in Curve Cash on Black Friday, stay tuned for more information.

Thanks for that. At least I’m not missing something! To be honest it would be better if they stayed until you delete them
The problem is that I don’t see the whole message on my screen so miss what they’re saying but thanks for the info :+1:t3:

I completely agree. There should be a section in the app to see notifications like these, as it is too easy to get rid of notification or in your case, not see the whole text so you wonder what it says. My old phone did the same where it would cut the text if it was more than 2 lines, but on my new phone I can press an arrow to expend the content and see the whole message so that’s something.

Have moved your post to this existing thread so more votes can be added - the issue affects Android and iOS.


Hi all,
Once in a while I get a notification that some payment was declined even tho I didn’t do any payments in that moment and when I go to the app to see what is going on there is no declines in my timeline. Where are the declined payments?!

As of right now you can’t see the declined transactions anywhere, but its on the roadmap.

If you get notifications of (declined) payments when you didn’t do any payments yourself at that moment, I guess I would temporarily lock my Curve card and contact support ( as your card details might be compromised.

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I guess they are automatic payments for some services or subscriptions but due to the fact that I can see any info on the transaction declined is just a guess :slight_smile: anyway I keep my card always on the curve points card and only select one of my real cards only when I make a payment and after that switch back to the curve points card :slight_smile: just in case… :slight_smile:

The other issue I’ve found with declines is you need to make sure you’re not in the Curve app so you can see the notification. If you’re in the app it never shows up so you don’t know what happened. Revolut and iCard handle this better by showing a greyed out transaction with the decline reason.

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