Inbox in the app/the ability to access previous notifications

Hi all,
Once in a while I get a notification that some payment was declined even tho I didn’t do any payments in that moment and when I go to the app to see what is going on there is no declines in my timeline. Where are the declined payments?!

As of right now you can’t see the declined transactions anywhere, but its on the roadmap.

If you get notifications of (declined) payments when you didn’t do any payments yourself at that moment, I guess I would temporarily lock my Curve card and contact support ( as your card details might be compromised.

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I guess they are automatic payments for some services or subscriptions but due to the fact that I can see any info on the transaction declined is just a guess :slight_smile: anyway I keep my card always on the curve points card and only select one of my real cards only when I make a payment and after that switch back to the curve points card :slight_smile: just in case… :slight_smile:

The other issue I’ve found with declines is you need to make sure you’re not in the Curve app so you can see the notification. If you’re in the app it never shows up so you don’t know what happened. Revolut and iCard handle this better by showing a greyed out transaction with the decline reason.

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