Incident wrong commission

In September, all my operations appeared as carried out abroad and I have been charged a commission on all of them (€159.72). I have contacted Curve but no response. It is obviously an incident that I suppose they will be solving and that they will pay me the amount. But no one has contacted me, nor have they answered me (they say they answer in 3-5 days, but it’s been 17 since I wrote to them)

Who charged the commission? Curve or the bank of the underlying card?
Curve does not charge a commission for using your card abroad. It only might charge a fee when paying in a different currency then the one of your underlying card.
In your Spanish topic I have found that the bank of the underlying card is charging you this commission. So if you want to have this commission refunded it should be that bank that should refund it, starting by you asking them why they have charged you in the first place.

the bank of the card has told me they charge the commission because the operations come to them as cash transfers. It is a specific incidence of Curve this month. It has always worked fine. I simply ask that they solve the error so that I can continue using it.