Incoming funds (not refunds)

Many brokerage firms insist on sending funds back to the card that funded the account, when making a withdrawal. If I use my Curve card to top up my trading account and some time down the line withdraw some profits, they will transfer the payment to Curve. How does Curve know which underlying card it should go to?

You are not supposed to use your Curve card for incoming funds (not being refunds). Check out the following topics:

But if you accidentally might have done so, Curve will be able to help if you contact them:

Yikes. One of my accounts is with IG and I honestly don’t remember if I used my debit card or debit card via curve, because I typically use my Curve card for everything. I did use my debit card with Black Bull (MUCH better spreads than IG btw) so I’m ok with that one. It’s only recently occurred to me to wonder what would happen to incoming funds. I sort of expected them to go into limbo and have to tell Curve where to put them. Processing them as an outgoing rather than incoming is far worse than I expected. Curve, you need to address this! I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect you to be able to handle this and like I said, most brokers are very picky about paying out to a card other than the one used to deposit.