Incorrect character encoding


On all areas of the android app, when the description of the transaction has “weird” chars like ´ or ~ on it the app displays it wrong, i think it’s an encoding problem.

See attached picture for an example, the correct display shoud be “João”


It’s been a known issue for a year or so. Looks like nobody cares unfortunately. :pensive:


Sad to hear that :frowning:

Can confirm this issue applies to iOS as well. Would love some more effort put on Curve’s side into internationalization.

Optical glitch: In Germany, we have special characters called “Umlaut” such as ä ü ö. If a vendor name contains such characters, the Curve App replaces them by “?”.

I.e. the German vendor name e.g. “Hofbräuhaus” in the Curve App is displayed as “Hofbr?haus”.

Not the worst problem in the world, but not nice and probably easy to fix…

Using the curve app for android on my OnePlus 6 device.