Incorrect claim that Diners card can be added

I applied for a Diners card because the app indicated that VISA, MASTERS, DISCOVER ,& Diners can be added.

Issue with the authentication on Curve end because I called up Diners, which they said they saw the verification charge passing thru and they are not blocking anything.

Contacted Curve support who said there is known issue with some Diners card regarding the verification process.

My problem is with the lack of clear comms that is misleading all Diners card can be added. No timeline provided on fixing the issue.

Hey @Zaedalus, sorry to hear you’ve experienced this bug and haven’t been able to add your Diner’s card to your account.

I’ve checked this with our customer experience team and they are already investigating this with our bug tracker. We’ll let you know once the team have implemented a fix for affected users such as yourself.

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Is there any update on the subject ? I can no longer add Diners as well which was basically the sole purpose of Curve in my case.
Support is completely absent in app.

Hi Joel,
is there any update on this matter ? Seems quite awkward not to have a solution this long.