Incorrect email used to sign up in app


I started my application process and realized I applied in the app with the wrong email. I tried clearing my cache but it’s still asking for me to join the wait-list without asking for an email address. Can you please delete or modify my phone number and email from the app’s application process so I can apply again with the one that’s on the wait-list?

Hello @churning_medic,

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Unfourtunetly, this is the wrong place for this.

Please contact the US customer support via email:
and explain what happend.

You can try to delete the app completly and then wiping remaining files.


I ended up having to delete the app, reinstall, and re-register with a free phone number that allows texts from a tech giant (not sure about community rules on mentioning companies) that I had created years ago and the actual waitlist email.

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