Incorrect exchange rate applied at petrol station

I made a purchase of €40 but Curve seems to have applied wrong exchange rate (£1 = €0.80 instead of £1 = €1.16) and charged my card £50. Has anyone else had this happened. I have already contacted support but just wondered if other had this issue, as it’s first time this has happened to me.

this is just a pre-authorization, amount is always 50 GBP at petrol stations. you’ll be charged with the correct amount

I have been over charged twice now for a euro payment. Seems that the exchange rate is being calculated incorrectly.

I have been charged £50 for a 40 euro transaction twice,

I raised a ticket with support immediately after the transactions, 1 week later and i haven’t even had an aknowledgement that someone is looking at this.

Yesterday the exact same thing happened again.

What am i supposed to do here ? There is obviously an issue with the transactions.

I’m also concerned that this may be happening with other transactions so really need some clarity over what had happened and assuraces the issue has been fixed.

It really is shocking also i needed to write a forum post to try to get a response to this!!!

They were at petrol stations.

An example of the text that comes with transaction (only part that wouldnt get blocked out on a screen shot is this text anyway)


€40 - Exchange rate: £1 = €0.80

My paper receipt says €40

And in my online banking i can see a debit of £50

@Malik could you confirm that eventually you were indeed charged the correct amount of €40, because the £50 was just the authorization amount.

Yes that is correct. Eventually it settled on correct amount after a week or so.


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