Incorrect exchange rate GBP/EUR for refund


I just got a refund in from a payment and Curve handles a exchange rate of €1,- = 26.17 GBP.
That seems a bit harsh. The help function in the app wont let me send any messages so i’m trying my luck to get help here.

Better tweet @AskCurve as we do not have any link to the supprt team. Maybe @Hannah can follow up or forward your request

Hi @ebretteville, thanks for the fast response and pointers. As I don’t have twitter i’ll hold on to what @Hannah from curve has to say about it.

Must say I’m quite disappointed. Firstly this strange exchange rate. Secondly that the help function does not let me send any messages. These things should both just work.

In that case just send support an email at or contact them on Facebook. @Hannah will ask you to do the same, since this is a user community we don’t have access to your account.

Or…this (incorrect exchange rate) might just be a display issue. It says in your screenshot this is a partial refund. Was this supposed to be a full refund or were you correctly only refunded €8.56 (about £7.73) instead of the full £224.02?


I can confirm that at least on Android there’s definitely a display issue. I had a purchase of 13€ and got a partial refund of 2.53€: the transaction then showed +2.53€ as “full” refund, when that was definitely not the case.

It’s supposed to be a full refund. It’s only 1 item that was shipped back since it did not meet expectations so nothing happend that could justify a partly payback from the supplier.

In Paypal it also shows that the company refunded it full. So i’m really curious for the explanation of Curve on this.

Why the hell are you using PayPal’s currency conversion? :scream: Or am I reading your screenshot wrong? :thinking:

@Petr_Andel not something I did on purpose. But my underling credit card is in EUR and the purchase was in GBP. The paypal conversion rate is also not the best but something I can live with. Something I cant say about Curve’s exchange rate.

Really? :flushed: In my experience Curve’s exchange rate was always considerably better then PayPal’s. PayPal’s exchange rate was always horrible in the past :money_with_wings::exploding_head:, but things might have changed. :man_shrugging: And I also can confirm Curve is around 0,5 % better in exchange rates then e.g. MCO card (pretty recent transaction)…

All of above applies to EUR, GBP and USD conversion to CZK. Might be different for EUR/GBP/USD conversions between themselves. :money_mouth_face:

@Petr_Andel Well, €1,- = 26.17 GBP is a pretty bad deal. But that’s an error from Curve that I hope someone will solve.

In normal cases it is indeed better than other conversion exchange rates.


True, I can’t disagree on that. :wink:


PayPals and Airbnbs are among the worst exchange rates there are on the market. They are usually around 3.0 to 3.5% of the interbank course.
Unfortunately, PayPal has removed the settings to disable DCC for all transactions. You must disable the conversion for every purchase.

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You can still set it through the following page: [link]

PayPal is an absolutely ridiculous company anyway. :-1:t2: