Indication of locked card status is (almost) hidden

Lately I locked my Curve card - unwittingly. Of course from that moment all transactions were denied, but there was no indication of the reason. In almost all cases there was no notification of Curve app, except one case, but even then there was no information that the reason is my own action! There is, in general, no indicator in the app of the (unusual) status of the card! If I did not write a complaint, I would guess that it was the fault of the card.
Later I experimented with lock option and learned that when the card is locked then a chain&padlock is added to its image (a big one!) but only in card view. Moreover, when you reopen the app the indicator isn’t displayed on the primary screen, so you don’t know that card is locked. You can even select another card and still, there’s no indication that you can’t make payments until you tap the “card” button (lower left corner).
Definitely, the chain&padlock should be displayed on the primary screen for each card selected as long as the Curve card isn’t unlocked.


Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, it’s been forwarded to the Product Team :slight_smile:

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