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Ho scritto 2 volte all’assistenza e non hanno risposto ( depone molto male a loro favore) e quindi provo quì. La mia domanda : posso continuare ad usare la carta Metal con il piano gratuito dopo un downgrade? O in alternativa comprare una carta Metal ed usare sempre il piano base? Grazie per l’attenzione.

Ciao @Raftaipan, bentornato in community! :grin:

Una volta effettuato il downgrade, Curve ti chiede se vuoi un’altra carta oppure continuare ad usare la metal.

Per quanto riguarda l’assistenza, chiederò ad un membro del Team di Curve, di controllare il tuo ticket.

Buona giornata

Hey there @Raftaipan, sorry to hear you haven’t heard from the support team just yet.

Usually, our support team will respond within 48 hours but you need to keep your chat open until they do, otherwise, the ticket will be automatically solved when you close the ticket. If you’re having trouble with knowing whether your ticket is still open or whether you’ve closed it then you could instead email the team at

Please reach out to the support team again so they can help with this issue. :grin:

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Hey there, thank you so much for your support i try again to contact them leaving open the chat.

You’re very welcome, if you don’t hear back within 48 hours then it’s possible there’s a problem with your in-app chat. In this case, I’d recommend dropping a direct message to the Curve social team on Facebook or Twitter at @AskCurve. :grin:

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