Insight being slow

I’ve noticed around 2 months ago that my insight take around a minute to load at times, ive tried reinstalling the app but didn’t really help.
I’ve tried on both my wifi and 4G. seems the same.
I’ve included a screen record of my phone with the app and the speed of my wifi which is better than the average
any help would be appreciated.

App version 3.4.10 (295)


Same here. Mine has been that way for a while too… iOS Version 3.4.9 (8416)

@Kanee @Frenchy Thanks for the info, can I ask (roughly) how many transactions you each have? We can try to debug locally to find out what the bottleneck is

Same here super slow ! 24 transactions : 4 minutes to load, iPhone 11.

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@Curve_Sam ive messaged you some images of my last 3 months timeline.

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Hi @Curve_Sam. Thanks for getting in touch. I only have a few transactions in fact for this month and the past couple months, which is maybe a good example as there is not a lot of data to load.

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Thanks for all the feedback. I can’t make any promises on time but I’ve added a ticket to our board to investigate, hopefully we’ll be able to find something to cut these times down

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