Insights and Yellow dollar amount?

Hey gang,

I’ve just upgraded to Metal and I’ve noticed that in the Insights tab I’ve got values in Yellow dollar amounts along with the corresponding values in GBP.
The info button says this is because its an amount over a number of cards with different currencies but ALL my cards are GBP.

Any ideas?

This is based on the system locale. It has to be set to United Kingdom if you want to see £ in insight, otherwise it displays $.

I have the same issue since my phone does not have a UK locale in system.

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It’s when you spend in a different currency, looks like it is also detecting Curve rewards spend as foreign, at least on iOS. :thinking: I will inquire if that was intended or not.

Which device and OS are you on @ShiroEd?

It was because my Android phone system language was set to US. This should have no influence on the app.
Setting it to UK sorted it out.

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This is a huge issue with many apps relying on system locale and/or language and having no possibility for the user to manually override those settings in app. UK and US based app developers seem to be the worst offenders I’d imagine because they never come across the issue of a device or not supporting their language and thus having an app displaying in some random language you can’t understand when the app has translation to your language or to a lesser effect having wrong currencies displayed.

Revolut is now giving me huge problems as if I set the phone language to Portuguese (my main language) I get a broken, sometimes unintelligible mess of a translation but if I set the language to English UK or US, Curve stops displaying euros for my spend (my phone doesn’t let me choose locale separate of language). Other country combinations break other apps

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