Insights no EUR


In curve app the Timeline shows EUR, but under Insights it’s only GBP. This should also be in EUR, if you are using Curve outside UK, and use EUR.

Follow this conversation as I have the same issue

@RA1: Is your base currency in Curve GBP ? I dont have this issue, but my base currency is eur.

What do you mean wiyh base currency? Curve is GBP card, and underlying card is EUR.

With base currency I mean if your underlying card use EUR, then base currency is Eur.
Do you have this issue on android or ios? I use Android.

I use Android. In the timeline its EUR, but in Insights GBP.

I have Android and I have the same issue as @RA1. Timeline Tab is mostly in EUR (have also other currency in there, when I have spent in those), Insights Tab is GBP. I am on 2.14.1 (Beta) @moon.

But I don’t think it is actually a bug, (I don’t like it, but) I think it is as designed.

What Curve version do you have ? Mine is 2.14.1

It has been in all latest stable versions.

I checked the Insights, and could see there is also EUR, but it is so small printed under GBP, that I didn’t notice it before. So now the question is, how can that be changed, have EUR as GBP is now?

Firstly @RA1 thanks for the feedback!

We recently did some work on insights in 2.14.1 to provide the ability to drill down to transaction level and show all your insights one screen using the new tabs.

The way category and monthly totals are shown is still based on previous logic but we are continuing work to improve this.

Thank you for your reply!

Im sure, that there has not been any EUR under Insights before. The latest update made it then visible;)

Now improve the app, so EUR user can have EUR over GPB.

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It’s now possible to change the insights currency, in the latest beta


Thanks for the info.
Edit: It works great. One thing that would be great would be to have the choice of the currency for the ‘Curve Card Limits’ too because currently those being in GBP doesn’t help me much.