Instalment Plan - Curve Credit

When is it expected to see Curve enter the credit field with the addition of Instalment Plans as previously mentioned.

Any ideas as to how the feature will work & the fee’s involved?

Curve Credit
"Pay in instalments after your purchase. Select the transaction and define the frequency and instalments for your payments. The transaction amount will be refunded to your account and your card will be charged automatically every payment period."

We’ll have more information to share when the feature is in progress. The Product Team will develop the solution/feature by learning more about the underlying customer problem they are solving. The details of the solution are therefore formulated at the end of the process rather than using it as a starting point.

Thanks for the reply Marie; any ideas as to when the function is expected to be developed or be live?

While we’re at it; is Curve Credit going to be available to all customers or as an UK-only feature like everything else?

There’s no timeline yet.

This hasn’t been clarified, however, we want to offer everything we create to all of our customers.

Curve credit its like small helping moments in your app. Well its like germany ( dispokredit) i think or im really wrong dont know and wish best that road.