Instant Cashback

Hi All,

Just a quick one :point_up:

I have the Original Black card, since Curve launched.

They introduced Cashback if spend on the following retailers:

I have now noticed on the Curve site :slight_smile:

It states :

  • 1% cashback at 6 retailers , choose from a bigger selection of premium retailers. Introductory offer for 3 months.

I guess this is only for new Curve Black customers (until the subscription model is brought in)?


So, I had this too.

When I upgraded from Founder’s black to the new metal, it still gives me the old Founders Black Cashback.

Im going to ask the team if its possible to switch to new Cashback but AFAIK, its not possible


@Dann - When you upgraded to Metal, I’m assuming you’re a beta tester :wink:

Haha I am indeed @MrChagle

Would like to know this too. I also upgraded from the old founders card to Metal and still have the legacy cashback

Hello Dann… As Curve metal tester, could you gimme your feedback about the resistance of the card when used every day ? in POS terminals, in ATM, …
You know what I mean ? metal card are subject to scratches in most cases ( I do have the N26 metal and I don’t use it into ATM or Highway tolls, these machines are “swallowing” the card and often scratch it on the two faces…). Today I use my Plastic black Curve instead of N26 metal in these machines, but if i subscribe to Curve metal, i’ll maybe fall into the same scheme… Marie gave me already a response about that, but another feedback is welcome…
We don’t have yet the metal offer her in France, but i’m still awaiting it …:slight_smile:
Thanx a lot .

Hi MrChagle, Dann and JamesH,

May I ask why you’re interested in the 3 month offer (Curve Cashback) as opposed to ongoing cashback offer (Curve Rewards)?
Is it simply the list in Curve Rewards aren’t typical shops you go to?

Isn’t there talks of them merging into one?

Hi @YorkshirePudding

Personally I’m happy with the “legacy” cash back rewards. Clearly, many more retailers with a good percentage. My original post was just out of curiosity to be honest.

I think Curve are changing too many things at once. Hopefully they haven’t got too big to listen to their customer base.

Fair enough :slight_smile:
Was wondering if I missed something.