"Insufficient funds" error during last month

I’m experiencing since 1 month - too often - an error of “insufficient funds” when I try to pay. Of course, I already checked if it was connected to the right card and if there was credit.

Yesterday happened again (20 eur payment with a credit of 3500). I paid with another card but now on the app I see the transaction as if it was succesful.

I’m using curve widely as I find it very nice, but this is becoming annoying. What’s happening?


Hi @emanuele.vazzoler :wave: Accounts can’t be discussed on here. Please contact support at support@curveapp from your Curve email address and they’ll be able to have a look at your account and the declined transactions for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately at present the app uses the same generic ‘insufficient funds’ error even if it isn’t due to this. Some underlying cards have restrictions on different types of transactions and how frequently they can be made so it may be this is the issue rather than a lack of credit. If you switch to a different underlying card and it works then this would be the reason for the issue - if you switch card and it still doesn’t work then I’d get in touch with support (esp if it keeps happening) as it may be more an issue with your Curve card/account.

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