Insurance changes

This evening I got an email about upcoming changes in Metal insurance, specifically :
Better phone Insurance
Ticket cancellation insurance
Extended warranty insurance
Reduced travel insurance

So, how do you feel about these ? Will they make Metal subscription price acceptable ?
Better phone insurance was on the wishlist for a couple of subscribers at least according to this forum, the two new ones are nice-to-haves and I can understand the reduced travel insurance maximums.

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I welcome the improvements.
For me personally, the level of travel and CDW insurance held me back from taking Curve Metal for a long time. Now I’ve been forced to subscribe I have gone for it.
Ultimately if I want Curve travel insurance to replace my current product, it needs to provide family coverage and a good level of cover.
The CDW insurance is limited to vehicles costing under £35k new. This precludes use when hiring a higher end car.
I would personally prefer an option for better cover in these two areas. Only then would it truly replace separate insurance policies.
An option £2 or £3 more a month would then allow me to cancel the separate policies and save more overall.

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Extended warranty is very welcomed by me, so good news! :+1:


Need more details on T&Cs,

Like extended warranty, is this only to items bought after the changes / what items are eligible etc.

Phone insurance, is the excess the same or lower etc.

Otherwise has potential to be much better for me personally.


There are links to the updated Terms & Conditions and IPIDs in the footer of the notification e-mail… :e-mail:


It’s quite nice to me, would have even been nicer if it was not only phone covered but other electronic devices as well (computer,tablets…)

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The Insurance Product Information Document makes clear that “This insurance provides assistance in the event of certain travel emergencies, which impact the safety and security of you, your travel companions or your close relatives.”

which makes the mobile coverage and ticket coverage pretty useless.

The extended warranty covers items bought with the Curve Card, for a year after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty (i.e. normally the third year of ownership).

Can you elaborate, I don’t quite understand your point?

Are you effectively saying that “certain travel emergencies” part is the caveat?

I think phone and tickets are outside of travel no ? Not clear for me neither but in app for exemple they present the insurance “travel insurance” “phone insurance” “car hire excess insurance”


Yes I was talking about section L , for exemple Revolut does not cover only the phone

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I would like to think that too, but there’s nothing in the Axa documentation which says that (and in fact, the summary suggests they are part of the travel insurance package now).

Would be great to get clarity from Curve.

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With Revolut is damaged/lost of computer/tablet during the trip covered?
With Curve it isn’t as far as I get

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Outside a trip I think it’s whenever it’s happen for Revolut. Curve it’s only phone but I still do not know if it’s only during travel or not

“The duration of any trip may not exceed 90 consecutive days. Please note if your trip is
longer than the maximum duration, benefits will not apply to any part of that trip.
… Any trip solely within the country of residence is only covered where you are travelling more
than 100 kilometres from home and have pre-booked at least two nights’ stay at a registered accommodation provider rented for a fee.”

Maybe I’m missing something, but the document does not seem to define what of the Benefits may be covered outside of this max 90 days AND international or minimum 2 nights paid domestic stays >100km from home requirement.
Maybe not even the Extended Warranty is valid then unless you’re on travel meeting the above requirements …?


I already did a claim from a broken phone and I do confirm you do not need to been in travel…


I welcome the phone insurance! £1500 is way more realistic now and gives a piece of mind (finally)

I’ve had 1 phone lost and 1 stolen since I have the Metal product and both times I’ve been able to get the max £800 (phones lost/stolen were both more expensive than this at £1,200 and 1,350) … Making it an easier ”hit” but still at a big loss Vs the new limit.

Fairly standard procedure on their claim requirements… Both happened in my country of residence (UK). So it doesn’t have to be during a trip