Insurance details


I’ve upgraded to Curve Black couple of weeks ago, but never received any Insurance details, nor insurance policy number.

There also no “View insurance details” in account tab of the app, is that normal ?

Hey @yurik

You should see the insurance tab on the app, are you on the latest version?

Incase you’re unable to get that working, here’s the docs you need:

T & C’s: Here

IPID: Here

Link I got these from:

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latest version (iOS. 3.5.15), no Insurance tab, no insurance policy number and no e-mail with the details

and no information as per this article :

Under the account tab, do you not have ‘ insurance details’

No… don’t have it there

One for customer support

You only get phone cover on Curve Metal, up to a value of £800.00

@ryan2305 where do you see mention of the “phone cover” ?

Page 3 Section L of the T&C’s

@ryan2305 I mean, where do you see mention of “phone insurance” in this thread ?

This thread is about something else.

I mentioned it as it’s a common question when upgrading to black, so thought it may be useful information for someone upgrading. Phone insurance unfortunately is quite low with this product and it’s good to keep mentioning it, most phones now are over £800 so if someone is considering moving up for this benefit it’s quick to see.