Insurance documents in German?

Hello all together,

I’m happy to see, that the Metal card is now also available in Germany.
Before I upgrade my Blue card I want to check the Insurance documents.
Unfortunately I can only find them in English.

My English is OK but financial and insurcance-specific words are not know.
Where can I find the TCs in German as well?

Thanks for support. :slight_smile:

  • snaijdr

Currently they are only available in English :point_down:t2:

Curve app
View Insurance Details

at the bottom:
About AXA travel insurance
View the IPID Document

all are in German for me.

I do Not find Curve as an option at the android app!?
I’m at the moment a blue cardholder. May the option ist only available by having an active subscription?
Before I want to upgrade my card, I want to check the insurance details first.

Is it possible to send the direct link of it?

Insurance tab is only shown when having a card that has insurance

Those are probably the old terms (pre 24-02-2020)?

can I also receive the AXA insurance information (Black Card) in German?

See Insurance documents in German?