Insurance on mobile phone - claiming as "lost"

So I have a Curve Metal card and I was in my home town this evening by the sea. I thought my Iphone 11pro 64GB(ouch!) was securely in a coat pocket but it somehow managed to drop out, into the deep harbour water. What do people think about me being successful in claiming for this phone as being lost. Right now I’m absolutely gutted, and can’t believe the consequences of it happening but it somehow did :frowning:

It depends on the wording of your insurance. If it covers a lost phone then you are covered. Your next step will be to report it as lost to the police. Bring the phone’s IMEI with you. Similar to when a phone is stolen, you’ll be provided with a lost property reference number. To file your claim with the insurance, include this document and the phone’s invoice. And again, read your actual coverage. If covered, you might have a deductible or limit for coverage. Insurance company might try to calculate depreciation on it depending on how long ago you purchased your device or send you a replacement phone (likely second hand one). Good luck! Could be worst!

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This will be covered under accidental loss, however there is a £800 limit on mobile phone claims. I know iPhone 11 Pros are £1,000+ so your only going to get £800 unfortunately.

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Thank you. Phone was second hand and I managed to get an amazing bargain for £550. It was like new. Do you think that will affect my claim or my ability to get another like for like phone ie. do you think they will only give me the £550 which is fair enough, or do you think they might give me £800 to get a relative replacement?

From the insurance terms:

The amount payable will be the value at today’s prices less a deduction for wear tear and depreciation (loss of value).

Make sure you have done the following as per the insurance terms:

  1. You must report to the local Police in the country where the incident occurred within 24 hours of discovery, or as soon as possible after that and get (at your own expense) a written report of the theft of your mobile phone.
  2. You must contact your network provider as soon as possible and obtain written evidence of the phone number being blocked.
  3. You must provide (at your own expense) an original receipt or proof of ownership for items lost, stolen or damaged to help you to substantiate your claim.

Sorry I originally gave you false advice @samdevon

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That’s particularly insane - why block your number - block the SIM sure, but you’re going to want to keep the number (and ideally have your network operator divert it to another phone while you wait for a new SIM).

I wonder if terms like ‘get written evidence’ that you’ve done something illogical and unnecessary exist just to make claiming seem like a lot of hassle.

PS: Hope you get it sorted soon, Sam.

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Thanks ever so much for the information. I have already get IMEI from mobile operator and requested a new sim(whilst keeping the same number) which I may even get by tomorrow. Was also thinking of doing a loss report with but was thinking of talking to AXA first to see if they wanted this(I think i have 24 hours to do this? When tried calling AXA this evening they were closed). Yes, it was one of those things that I just couldn’t believe would happen until it happened…waiting for low tide tonight and going to have a look just to see whether I might be able to find it…will report in the morning on whether I was successful!(Though the high tide, when I dropped it, is deep - much deeper than the stated phones limits for waterproofing so i think it’ll probably be dead even if I manage to retrieve it… Once again thanks so much for the information…

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So I didn’t find the phone, agonisingly still about 30cm in murky water when at low tide. Will update with further news…

Sorry to hear about this, hopefully the insurance claim goes through with no issues for yourself.

All the best,

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Time to scuba dive then! :sweat_smile:

The users that gave you advice on here should be entitled to one boat sail!