Insurance T&C’s

The insurance Insurance T&C’s can be viewed in the app but they can’t be saved or printed.

Please can you add this option. Viewing the documentation on a tiny screen is not suitable.

You’ll find them here:

Thank you. How about adding a SAVE button in the app?

Would you like to have a save to keep the documents on your phone to read?

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I’d prefer a save button that would save the file as a PDF to my phone.

I might be misunderstanding something. You would like to read it as a PDF on your phone?

I’d like the ability to save the file in the app to a PDF on my phone. Then I could share it, print it, view it on my iPad etc etc


Gotcha! Completely understood. I’ve passed your suggestion onto our Product Team to consider so hopefully this is something we can implement in the foreseeable future. :+1:

There is a workaround in the meantime for anyone that has access to a desktop/laptop/macbook etc.

  1. View the page online
  2. In browser menu click on ‘Print’
  3. From list of printers select ‘Save as PDF’ - that saves it to the desktop PC etc
  4. Use dropbox or another file sharing program to transfer to iPad, or even send it as an email to yourself
  5. Webpage can now be saved as a PDF to iPad

Edit: You can do it directly from the iPad/iPhone

  1. Open the insurance T&C page in Safari
  2. Tap on menu link on right hand side top of page (square box with arrow pointing up)
  3. Scroll middle line of icons horizontally until you see ‘Save PDF to Books’
  4. Tap on said icon
  5. Insurance T&C saved as PDF to Books

Agree with the above but we should simply be able to save the file from the app.

These terms are slightly different to those that were emailed to me when I signed up to metal (during the beta). I was never emailed the updated version, so does that mean the t&cs I was emailed still apply to me? Legally I don’t believe the terms can be changed when I’ve not been notified of any changes.

It doesn’t bother me, as I have no intention of ever relying on this policy, but my terms for example state that mobile phones are not covered for damage, whereas the terms on the website state that damage is covered under metal. Therefore it seems that those that signed up during the beta actually have worse terms than newer sign ups?

Seems like a simple oversight, but you don’t want to give insurance companies any excuse to reject your claims…