Insurance woes


So a couple of insurance woes that I’ve just found:

  1. I’ve lost my gadget insurance (but don’t recall this change being communicated)
  2. AXA don’t cover COVID-19, and when asked whether that applies to countries exempt from FCO advice they just hung up

My main concern is around the first point. I’ve seen from other topics that this was originally lost for new customers, but I’ve had my Curve black since 2019.

Hi Darren, you might want to check out my latest post on here regarding your gadget insurance. You’ll be able to confirm if you are or are not covered by following the instructions: Gadget Cover...Included or Not?!

Regarding the AxA Travel insurance. this article should help you out. In short, with the exception of the cancellation cover for newly booked trips, you will be covered as long as the UK FCO (if you’re a UK resident) has lifted it’s all but essential travel warning e.g. the countries the UK has travel corridors with.

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