Integration with Emma

Hey. As of now it seems like Curve is only able to integrate with Xero, which is great for the business market, but for the consumer. I’d love to see integrations with more consumer budgeting tools such as Emma. What would it take for Emma to integrate with Curve or the other way around for Curve to integrate with Emma?

EDIT: It seems like Curve has shut down the Xero integration as well. Are you planning on bringing it back or expanding the number of connections? If not, you should just remove the panel.

Here’s current Curve’s stance on these integrations:

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I’m curious, what do you see as the benefit of integrating Curve with Emma?

I’m assuming that no value would emerge as far as account aggregation is concerned (with no funds actually held by Curve).

I’ve quite a few bank accounts that are not supported by Emma. Integrating Curve with Emma would not give me the balance of my bank account and credit cards, but would give me a better picture of how much money I spend.


Thank you for highlighting this. We don’t have any immediate plans for bringing it back or expanding the number of connections. I’ve requested that it will be removed from the app.


I think it’s super crazy. ehehe

We also would need to do the matching if any of the curve cards are already linked in Emma. lol

In the app for a long time there has been the ability to vote for integration to expensify etc. What is the status of these?

@Curve_Marie has already answered to this.