Interesting ATM DCC prompt during my vacation in Croatia

See photos… :flushed: After selecting “left” option, amount in HRK (local currency) was charged from the card with no fee, so good ending at least. :slightly_smiling_face:

Always let your bank decide the the fx fee and/or do not use ATMs from private companies.

Some banks even tell you that when you need to unlock your card in-app; via calling or visiting them that you should always pay in the foreign currency to use the in-house foreign exchange.

I recommend only using OTP bank cash machines in Croatia. They offer DCC, but never add any fees. Tried with Curve cards in GBP and EUR.

These yellow cash machines usually add a fee for EUR cards but not for GBP (or the other way around?). Best avoid them. Same with Euronet, in my experience they were only bearable in Budapest.

While in Croatia my recommendation is to use bank ATMs whenever you have a chance. Although you where lucky this time private ATMs can sometimes be “tourist traps” where they have outrageous conversion rates or some hidden fees. This time you were lucky, but who knows what will happen next time. But yes, always choose “exchange rate will be calculated by your card issuer”, this way CURVE will be the one to do the currency conversion not the ATM company.

Well, the most interesting for me was there were no amounts to be charged displayed in the prompt :flushed:, that’s why I shared it here. :camera_flash:

Of course I know I should always select local currency but usually when you decline DCC conversion proposed by an ATM :deaf_man:, you are then charged withdrawal fee by the ATM itself. :triumph: Luckily it wasn’t the case this time :cowboy_hat_face:, but it was a lottery :four_leaf_clover: as no amounts were shown before confirming withdrawal (so I took a photo as a proof for potential claim :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)…

And yes, I also know I should avoid Euronet, Auro Domus and other similar non-bank ATMs (not only in Croatia), but unfortunately there was no other ATM in Živogošće :beach_umbrella: - just one Euronet next to the hotel and two Auro Domus in the town. :dizzy_face:

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