Intermittently Declined Transactions

I’ve already created a support case for this but felt I needed to vent and see if anyone else is having similar issues.

I’m getting pretty fed up with my Curve “all your cards in one” card. Every so often, the card is declined. I’ve tried changing the source card in the app and that also gets declined so I have to dig out a backup bank card to pay for whatever it is I’m buying.

Recently, I went to pay for some new tyres for my car in. The curve app had my Barclaycard credit card selected. The transaction for £350 was declined. I tried again, but again it was declined. I had to use the debit card I keep on me “just in case” (I didn’t want to do this as I wanted the transaction on a credit card).

Last night, I was in IKEA. I had two transactions to pay for - one personal, and one business. Initally, I paid for goods totalling £52.50 which was applied to my Barclaycard credit card. On the app, I then changed my card to my Barclays business account and attempted to put another transaction through for £285. This was declined. I tried again, declined. I then changed my source card to my Barclaycard credit card (the one that had just been successful a minute prior). This was declined. I once again had to resort to using my backup debit card to pay for this.

I was recently paying for a car wash and the card was declined twice before being accepted on the third attempt. Paying for milk in a local shop - nah, declined. It’s a gamble as to whether or not a transaction is going to be successful, whether that’s first try, second attempt or indeed ever.

It’s embarrassing, and I really don’t think it’s fit for purpose. I’ve paid £150 (not an insubstantial amount) for the “convenience” (?!?!) of not having to carry multiple cards on my person, but now I’m left worrying if I can pay for things at all with this card.

I need to know that transactions are not going to be declined every time I try and pay for something as I can’t keep resorting to my debit card in emergencies.


Hmm, that sounds like you’re having a particularly unlucky time :frowning:

Declines are generally pretty rare, I wonder if you might help in providing some dates/times in case there were known issues at the time? They can sometimes occur because Curve has to process two transactions at once and the retailers card machine times out - it could be that Barclaycard is taking too long to process the transactions?

@Curve_Marie have there been any known issues recently?

If it was a one off, I could perhaps understand.

However, it’s frequent, but intermittent. It seems to be more
regular for large value purchases and it isn’t isolated to just

The National Tyres transaction would have taken place about
13:00-13:20 on Sunday 19th. This was declined (3 times) on their
POS with an error message they’d never seen before asking for them
to call for authorisation (via a WorldPay popup). There was no
suggestion as to whether this request should have been directed to
their own payment service, Curve, or Barclaycard as no contact
numbers were showing.

Last night in IKEA (20th May 2019), it was declined at 20:09:21
(Barclays Business debit card) and again at 20:09:42 before I
switched over to my personal Barclays credit card which was
subsequently declined at 20:10:20.

It’s also not isolated to just Barclays card services - my
primary method of linked payment is my TSB current account debit
card which also frequently gets declined.

Call for Authorisation is an interesting message. It’s usually used by banks for cards suspected of being involved in fraud.

The instruction is for the retailer to call their card payment processor for manual authorisation of the transaction, and they may sometimes be instructed to retain the card.

I wonder if there has been some weird error that’s caused your Curve card to be flagged for some reason?

Have you raised this with customer services? They will be able to look into the specific decline reasons (if it wasn’t a fault with the retailers system)

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I’ve just this minute had a response from CS telling me the declines were due to me hitting my monthly spending limit, so my limits have now been rasied.

We’ll see how it goes!

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Ahh, that does sound plausible!

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