Introduce Yourself!

Hello there,

Welcome to the Curve community!

My name is Marie, I am the Community Manager here. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions, comments, laughs, or thoughts that you would like to share.

Don’t be shy, we would love to hear from you: here’s your chance to introduce yourself :smile:


Hi there,

Welcome all to the Curve community!

My name is Charlie, I work in the Commercial team specialising in Strategic Partnerships.

If you have any suggestions of interesting communities or businesses you think we should explore working with I’d love to hear from you!

Feel free to reach out :smile: !


HI There!
I’m Gill and I am a Designer, creative and an animator.

Hi everyone,
I recently joined Curve as software engineer.
I have been an happy Curve customer since more than one year before even becoming part of it. Very Impressed with the idea that our founder had, and very happy to finally be able to contribute to its development. Most likely as you all, I was looking for a unique product like Curve for managing my cards.

This year we are expecting and getting ready for the many changes and our dramatic growth which is already happening. I’ll be contributing to make Curve an even better customer focused product, which will change the way we manage finances.
So stay tuned!

Howdy, I’m Martin, a software engineer @ Curve.


My name is Matt and I am one of many software engineers.

I look forward to getting to know all our Curve users better!


I am Conor, one of the backend software engineers working on the Curve platform… I am excited to work on the cool new features and chatting with our users.

I have a background in working in the FinTech space and previously worked at Worldpay, GlintPay and most recently Zopa.

See you on the forums!


Hi all!

I’m Erich, a software engineer at Curve. Welcome to the Curve Community :partying_face:

Feel free to reach out about anything: from Dijkstra’s algorithm, what’s working in Curve like, to why does John Snow know nothing!


Hello everyone!

My name is Diego, I am a Product Manager here at Curve. I’d love to hear all your good ideas and suggestions for making Curve amazing!

I have been given some homework from Marie, and I am going to write my first post about product@Curve. What would you like to know first?


Hi Curve friends,

I am Tobias and I work as a (software) tester here at Curve. I (try to) find bugs before you do and if not I’ll report them so our devs can fix them.

Generally I am a spokesman for users and user experience, so I get to work with nearly everyone here at Curve but mostly devs, CX and product.

I love gadgets and cycling, so find me on Strava if you like. And stay tuned for the Gadget Corner here on the forum and keep contributing to the community! :muscle:

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to the Curve community! I’m sure @Curve_Marie will make you feel at home :partying_face:

I work in the Marketing Team at Curve as an Apprentice.

Feel free to reach out - I’m looking forward to getting to know our customers better!


Hi! I am really excited to join the Curve Community! I am the Head of Marketing of Curve. As such I am obsessed with our customers’ (and potential customers’) experience with Curve. Thanks @Curve_Marie for setting it up!

What are you doing with the money and time Curve frees up for you?

Let’s talk!

Hi everybody and thank you @Curve_Marie for inviting me to the group, I really love Curve and I’m looking forward to being part of your community. Rob


Hi guys
I’m josh, seems like I’m one of the few that doesn’t work for curve but been using curve for a while now. Remember the amex days :roll_eyes: anyway good to be here. I’m a .net developer by day. Fintech enthusiast at heart

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I’m Dorian, and I’m using curve for about two years.
I look forward to see what’s going to happen next!


Welcome Josh! Thank you for joining us at such an early stage. We are very excited to share this news: AMEX is on it’s way back :smiley:

Yeah I’ve heard. Really excited, any chance for a sneaky early peak? :grin:

Also, you are about to be joined by the rest of the community we have been hosting on Slack! We will set up a Beta group here where we will find out how to Beta test with all of you :blush:


Hello Guys,

Aww. It is very nice to see the different curve team members breaking the ice for us!

I’m Seb! Curve lover and beta user since it was launched on Android almost two years ago. Looking forward to see what the community has for us :slight_smile:


hi all! thanks @Curve.Marie for arranging and inviting

im Sergei, a designer / analyst / nerd from Glasgow

been using Curve since June 2016

can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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