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Hi Bill, a Curve card user from Sussex - Originally got to hear about Curve from “Head for Points” website . Have a black non-fee-paying card as I must have applied early before the free blue Curve card was introduced. Never had a problem using the card and found the card-switching facility useful and the ability to draw up to £200 a week from ATM`s , and get points on the shadowing card - perhaps A virgin Atlantic Mastercard. Will be great when Amex comes in to the system and airmiles can be attributed either through Member Rewards or Avios on other Amex products…

Hey everyone,

I’ve been a curve card holder for almost a year, but really looking forward to getting the AMEX integration back (as most of my spend is through AMEX).

Big thank you to @Graham and @Curve_Marie for the invite.

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Hey Curve team! Congrats on the forum launch! Looking forward to keeping up with developments here.


Hi, all.

I’m Lee. I work as an editor for science fiction and fantasy books. I travel a lot for work, which is why I use Curve (no intl fees).

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Hey all! :wave:

I’m Thai, a UI/UX designer for Moneybox. Huge fan of curve! So… where do we post about feature requests?!? haha :joy:

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Welcome Tai!

You can do that in the feedback and ideas category :smiley: Please have a look at what’s already been suggested and make a separate thread for each idea/suggestion. That way people can share their thought and like the thread to show their interest.

For information on what we are currently working on and what’s to come, check out Curve’s Product Roadmap!


My name is Michal and I’m financial/operational analyst in Cemex company.
I’m traveling a lot so such solutions like Curve or Revolut really helps me to save some money and additionally Curve saves a lot of space in my wallet :wink:

Nice of you invite me in. Thanks!
I’m very fascinated with many recent technological breakthroughs in the fintech area, so I’ll be following the various forum topics closely and hope to be able to contribute in the future …


Pleased to be here and very grateful for this invite.

Used Curve since Beta and think the concept is great. (Also love the card design). I love fintech, especially the tech. Its just the finance I need a bit more of!

Also I don’t work in either IT or finance.

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hi my name is ismail touileb i am happy with curve very very helpful i recommend it to many friends

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Hi everyone,

My name is Dan and I’m the Information & Data Security Manager for a large motor dealer group. I live in the North East with my wife and three kids.

I’ve worked in IT for twenty years, mostly in Development. Started out as a mainframe assembler programmer at British Airways before moving into web applications.

I’ve had a Curve card for quite some time but haven’t used it much recently as I do most of my spending on my Amex (cashback) card. I’m really looking forward to Amex being supported again and seeing what other improvements Curve launch in the coming months and years.



Hi folks

My names Kris, proudly Scottish but working and living in London. I work in IT, currently in a London data centre.

I put all of my spending through curve unless I specifically need to use another card.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in and around the forum.



I’m Wayne, a fairly new Curve customer. I had a poor experience signing up and I’ve only just had the last remaining issue resolved. This is the main reason I’m here, to help improve the customer experience if I can, using my experience.

Professionally, I have been in software development for 35 years. Please see my profile for more information.

Wayne Peacock


From a forum management perspective, why has post 118 been hidden, please?

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When a post is flagged it becomes hidden for a limited time period. You can find out more about the process here:

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I get that. Why, though, was it flagged?

(Short of a bit of self-advertising, I’m struggling to see the offense).

I sent a direct message yesterday requesting the links to be moved to the profile. No response yet, so followed it up with a flag to notify the poster. The author can either edit the post or not, before any manual moderation. If the author edits the post is unhidden and nothing else happens.

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Got it. Thanks Marie.

Hi Felix Here, a Software Engineer for a Tier 1 bank in the UK. I think Curve is doing a great job, the best financial tool I’ve ever come across so far, very innovative. Keep up the good work and continue innovating!

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I’m Ché and I’m a software engineer. :wave:

I’ve been a Curve user for a while now and I’ve been really happy with it so far.

Thanks for inviting me here… Finally got round the signing up! :grin:

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