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hi my name is ismail touileb i am happy with curve very very helpful i recommend it to many friends

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Hi everyone,

My name is Dan and I’m the Information & Data Security Manager for a large motor dealer group. I live in the North East with my wife and three kids.

I’ve worked in IT for twenty years, mostly in Development. Started out as a mainframe assembler programmer at British Airways before moving into web applications.

I’ve had a Curve card for quite some time but haven’t used it much recently as I do most of my spending on my Amex (cashback) card. I’m really looking forward to Amex being supported again and seeing what other improvements Curve launch in the coming months and years.



Hi folks

My names Kris, proudly Scottish but working and living in London. I work in IT, currently in a London data centre.

I put all of my spending through curve unless I specifically need to use another card.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in and around the forum.



I’m Wayne, a fairly new Curve customer. I had a poor experience signing up and I’ve only just had the last remaining issue resolved. This is the main reason I’m here, to help improve the customer experience if I can, using my experience.

Professionally, I have been in software development for 35 years. Please see my profile for more information.

Wayne Peacock


From a forum management perspective, why has post 118 been hidden, please?

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I get that. Why, though, was it flagged?

(Short of a bit of self-advertising, I’m struggling to see the offense).

I sent a direct message yesterday requesting the links to be moved to the profile. No response yet, so followed it up with a flag to notify the poster. The author can either edit the post or not, before any manual moderation. If the author edits the post is unhidden and nothing else happens.

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Got it. Thanks Marie.

Hi Felix Here, a Software Engineer for a Tier 1 bank in the UK. I think Curve is doing a great job, the best financial tool I’ve ever come across so far, very innovative. Keep up the good work and continue innovating!

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I’m Ché and I’m a software engineer. :wave:

I’ve been a Curve user for a while now and I’ve been really happy with it so far.

Thanks for inviting me here… Finally got round the signing up! :grin:

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Hi everyone, my name is Kei.

I am a beta user based out of Japan and testing of course as I travel.
Works overall fine in the Japanese market, with a few anomalies though.
Anyway, look forwards to reading more about Curve from everyone!

Best - Kei

Hi all,

Thank you for the invite my name is Paul and I have been an early adopter from the pre paid card days. I have found myself using curve for over 90% of my transactions and am looking forward to making this 100% in the near future. Keep up the good work.

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Hi all! I’m Decio from Italy and I’m glad to be here with you all. I’ll give you some feedbacks :grinning:


I’m Will and have finally signed up. Been using Curve for a while now, but only recently upgraded to Black which was amazing for a trip to the States this month.

Just added the Amex and so far, so good!

Keep up the good work!

Bob, I had the same problem, using my wife’s HH card in Curve. When she got her own Curve it refused to let me add it. There is a thread elsewhere about it, maybe add you thoughts.

I too love HFP.

Hi Simon, it was disappointing at the time but I suppose I should have expected it as having 2 Curve cards for the 1 account may have thrown up security questions etc. I only did it to chase an upgrade voucher (My wife doesn’t seem to have a problem spending on her own​:joy::rofl:) Anyway that was before Amex got accepted in the Beta app.

Hello guys!

My name is Paweł, I come from Poland, I’m 18 and I still go to high school. I’m glad I could join this community as I’ve always been interested in banking/finance industry; specifically in fintech for some time now too. I also regard Curve as one of the most innovative solutions in this area. I’ve wanted to e-mail the Curve team for some time now, but I never got down to it. That’s why I’m glad to have found out about this place, as it seems to be a better platform for an open discourse.

I first found out about Curve listening to Yes Was Podcast (the one Anthony was invited to) and I immediately joined. I made some research about your product and the company and I think that’s what made me really hooked up. I appreciate your effort to make finances more understandable and adjusted to modern times, but first and foremost I care your openness when it comes to communication to clients. Real support that isn’t afraid to answer hard questions is uncommon both in traditional banks (that make all communication too formal) and other fintechs (that hide behind bots in order to cut their staff spendings).

Apart from fintech, my other interests include learning foreign languages such as English and Spanish, pop and indie pop music, and international politics. After finishing my education I want to become a data scientist or a data engineer. I have always known that my job would revolve around IT, but my plans got more clear in the recent years. I think that what’s most intriguing about is that it’s the closest we can get to accurately predicting the future. It’s like magic, except it works! Honestly, how cool is that?!

I’m currently focusing on my finals, as well as trying to find an university course that would meet my expectations. In theory, I know that there are many courses you can choose that would let me pursue my dream career, yet I’m not necessarily keen on learning stuff that would only vaguely cover my area of interest. I cannot encounter anything satisfying at the universities around me and I think my current budget doesn’t allow me to roam too far. Anyway, I’m still hopeful I will figure that out!

I hope I will have more opportunities to interact with you and engage in this community. Feel free to give me advice, I will accept them all :smiley:

Wishing everything best to all of you,


Hi, My name is Mark, I really enjoy using my Curve card and look forward to hearing about improvements in due course

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Hi, Chris here, curve user for quite a while, looking forward to amex and Android pay implementation and it would be perfect.