Introduce Yourself!

Hey everyone! I’m Eugene, strategy/product guy, currently living in Barcelona. Using Curve since it was released on Android. Very glad to be here.


Hi! My name’s Jonathan, I’ve been a curve user from the very beginning. Used to be an associate at an investment bank but now a nail technician. Still tracking fintech as a consumer and very excited to see where curve develops from here!

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Hi all (esp @Curve_Marie for all the work setting this up!). I’m Alan, been using Curve since it launched on :robot: and a member of the Slack group for a long time. Look forward to helping out/seeing how things develop here!

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Hi - I’m Adam - been using Curve since the beginning, on the testflight programme for the iOS app and the Slack channel. Looking forward to the beta section on here.
But, the question is, what does it take to become Elite? :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! I’m Jayant - an accidental banker (now) and a tech enthusiast. Been with the curve community for the last few years and excited to be involved in the journey.

Hi @Adsclarke,
Thank you for introducing yourself, it’s great to have you here! The “Elite” group mainly consist of the community members we’ve had with us (on Slack) from the start. If you have any name suggestions, just let me know. Perhaps “Forerunners”, “Innovators”, or “Champions”? You can reply here, send me a message, or post in Community Feedback :smile:

Hey everyone!

I am Ed. Been using Curve for about 2 years now. I am a software engineer by trade: a bit of front-end but my forte is on back-end development. I’ve worked on trading systems in finance (lots of forgotten Java knowledge) in the past and built micro-services platforms in Go too. These days I am dabbling into AI stuff and doing a lot of Python.

I don’t work at Curve but had the chance to meet some of the team members a few years ago. I really like the product and it’s managed to shrink the size of my wallet. Looking forward to building this community!


Hi there,

Welcome all to the Curve community!

My name is Matt, and I lead all the commercial activities at Curve, heading up our Business Development team.

If you have any suggestions of interesting communities or businesses you think we should explore working with I’d love to hear from you!

Feel free to reach out :grinning:

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Hi there

I’m Paul,

A Curve user since launch of the Beta. I work in healthtech and have an interest in fintech for fun! I’m after the dream of ‘zero wallet’ (a bit like zero inbox), where I don’t have to carry a big heavy wallet around. Bit of a pointshound too…


Hi there,

I’m William

I use Curve for a year now and active on Slack! I’m familiar with IT things as I’m Sr IT project manager in my job. Love fintech and new techs, I love to experiment fintech as N26, Revolut etc.
Curve is the revolution in my wallet and make it smaller! I look forward to see the future of Curve and the next features! Wish you all the best!


Hi all,
I’m Dan, I’ve been using curve every day since it launched on Android and revolutionised my wallet. I remember the day I could finally fit my whole wallet in my pocket! I’m a software engineer by trade (not at Curve), but my main focus is on cyber security. I look forward to everything that’s coming our way!


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I’m Santo. I’ve been using Curve for over 2 years now. Really needed it as I had just relocated from Australia to Ireland and struggling to keep track of the cards across the countries. It’s been very useful and looking forward to the new features coming up!

Hey Curve Community,

My name is Matt and I am the CTO at Curve responsible for the Tech team and delivering the technical strategy at this fast paced FinTech startup.

Any ideas, suggestions or questions just shout…

If you are a Golang, Test or Data Eng. or Data Scientist looking for your next challenge, have a passion for delivering reliable, innovative payments at scale and think you can bring something unique to the Curve story feel free to drop me a DM…

Hey! I’m Tim, user of Curve for over a year now, with the Black Card. Love Curve, but currently not using it as much due to issues with passing merchant info to my main personal bank account, which will hopefully be resolved soon!

I’m a BDM for a thermal imaging and UAV solutions provider, but also freelance web designer / small business consultant on the side :slight_smile:

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Minh here

I have like 16 cards including business ones and Curve help me managing them perfectly. Curve is best. You guys once blocked a fraud cash withdraw in the US while I’m in UK - awesomeness!

Nice to hear Amex will be back

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Welcome Minh,

Thank you for sharing that, you just made our whole customer support team smile :smile:

@diego_curve and the product team is working hard on preparing the AMEX beta. We are all very excited to offer this feature again!

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Hey! My name is Yuri, I am a graphic and web designer. I started to use Curve as soon as it became available on Android. I am always looking forward to new developments with Curve and happy to be here.

H - James, been using curve for a few months now - Liking it a lot so far

Dave here - I’ve had a Curve card for a couple of months. Can’t remember when I first heard about Curve, probably on another forum somewhere. It struck me as having some similar elements to the now discontinued Travelex Supercard that I made good use of in the past, and so I decided (after hesitating for a while) to sign up and see what Curve was like.

So far no problems except that support was very slow to answer when I first joined and had a question, which isn’t the greatest beginning for a new user. However, the card and app seem pretty solid.

Hi Everyone I’m Edward - Product designer and curve user ! Happy to be joining the community !
Can’t wait to see what’s next