Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone,
I am Didier from Belgium, I have been using Curve a lot during my travels in Asia (Japan and South Korea) and I am glad to be here to see what’s next :grinning:

Hi, I’m Linus and I’d be more than happy to be a beta tester.
I am a blogger and write Chinese on travel and UK finance.

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Hi, I’m Chris. I use Curve for about 1 1/2 years now. I am happy to be part of the community! :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone! I’m Alex. I’ve been a Curve user for about a year, and upgraded to Black a couple of months back. I’m a big fan of various bits in the FinTech space, so very glad to be a member of the community!

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Hi All,
Thanks to @Curve_Marie for the invite. I’ve been using Curve for over 12 months now and love it. Makes my wallet very small. Would love it to work with Apple Pay in the future.

I’d be delighted to assist with beta and maybe someone would be so good as to point me int he right direction for Slack community.

Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome!

The beta testing process is under development and we would love to invite our community to participate. For information and updates on the Amex Beta Testing program, please follow this topic: Amex Beta Testing Announcement

Hi my name is Ashley and I’ve been using Curve for a few months now and I think it’s brilliant. The main thing that is missing for me is Google Pay. This would make the card invaluable to me.


Hi @Landshark ! Would love to get you some content to assist with your promotions of the product if you’d like? Feel free to drop me a line at and I’ll send over our latest explainer documents.

Hi everyone, John here, I’ve been an occasional user of Curve for a very long time, using underlying cards in GBP, EUR and USD. I’m excited to see what could be coming next and pleased (as I guess most people are) about the possibility of AmEx returning.

As a general principle, I don’t mind paying reasonable fees for what Curve provides… my primary interest is in stability and acceptance - it has to be accepted pretty much every time. Proffering a card that gets a decline is a right faff.

Hi @linus . Great to hear from you! If you’d like some updated explainer content for any of your travel writing feel free to drop me a line at !

Thank you very much for the invitation especially considering the Amex angle.
I’m Eugene and one of your many happy customers here in the UK. Keep up the good works. Also how can I get an invite for my son? He has a Curve card but doesn’t use as much since Amex is his primary card.
Thanks again and best wishes.

Welcome Eugene. It’s great to have you here! Happy to invite your son to the community. Please send his email to me via a private message :slight_smile:

Hi everyone. I’m a Silver Curver!!! Love technology so this was a no brainer really! Been around for around a month, so still finding me feet, but really enjoying the experience so far. Looking forward to Amex coming back and hopefully being involved in the Beta!! Bye for now, Silver Curver, aka Steve. :joy:

Hi, I’m Viktor from Prague. I’m fan of new technology if make sense. Curve for myself make sense and I hope that will be better and better. I work as personal security consultant (also GDPR).
I will share some tips for new functionality early. Keep going well.


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Thank you Marie, his email address is: (email)

Best wishes,


Thanks Eugene. An invitation has been sent :smiley: His address has been removed from your comment as sharing personal information goes agains Curve Community Code of Conduct and we have very strict security policies in place to protect all our customers :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, Marie. I thought I was just replying to your email not on the forum so thanks for deleting his email address.

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Happy to help :smile:

Hi folks, thanks for the invite to the best of Curve!

Love your product, almost too good to be true!

Look forward to hearing about all the great developments and ideas

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Hi, my name is Matjaz, user since early beta, read about Curve once, applied as soon it was possible, love it ever since, it really slimmed my wallet :wink:. I like everything about Curve it simplifies many things. Keep up the good work!