Introduce Yourself!

Hi - I’m Robert - been using Curve since the beginning, I’m security expert and malware laboratory lead at AV company in Prague.


I’m Graham, clinician in mental health. Love fintech, have a Monzo account, tried Starling and find the Curve card really neat.

Well done in setting up the community.

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Thanks @Curve_Marie for the invite. Been using Curve as blue and now black, love the Tumi wallet so I carry just 2-3 cards with me and looking forward to Amex support, one less card :slight_smile:

In there any information on the metal card that I saw on the roadmap? Searched but couldn’t find anything.

Yo :slight_smile: I’m Luca. I’m a Product Manager for an e-learning startup with a background in sustainability. I’ve been using Curve for a couple of months now and love it.

Most importantly Curve has helped me win an everlasting competition with one of my best mates about who has the slimmest wallet. YES!

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Hi, I’m Ray. I’ve been using and recommending Curve since Sept 2017. I’m self-employed arranging finance for property developers. I have another business building property and another involving public speaking. Having all these business accounts meant using several cards almost everyday. The curve card fixed all of that. I think I’ve recommended it to about 50 people that now also use it regularly. I like it a lot. image


Welcome and thank you for joining us!

You can find it here: Curve’s Product Roadmap. I’ll add more information about each card this week :slight_smile:

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Hey zusammen. Ich bin Carsten aus Deutschland/Dortmund.
Super das es jetzt eine Community bei Curve gibt.:+1:

Hi, ich bin Jannik aus der Pfalz und verbreite die Curve in unterschiedlichen Communities die sich mit dem Thema Finanzen und smartes Banking auseinander setzen.

Die beschäftigen sich mit smartem Banking.

Thanks for the invite @Curve_Marie! I’m Dara. I love Curve and use it for all my transactions now.

AMAZING product. The whole team should be proud!

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Hi I am mick, and would like to know how I was able to use my Apple Pay to pay a bill of Santanda credit card and receive a receipt from you, and no longer can, but receive a receipt from Santanda

Hi Mick,
All requests regarding you Curve account, card, and transactions will be taken care of by our expert customer experience team. We have strict security policies and the Curve Community Code of Conduct in place to protect our customers and your personal information.

Hi Bill, a Curve card user from Sussex - Originally got to hear about Curve from “Head for Points” website . Have a black non-fee-paying card as I must have applied early before the free blue Curve card was introduced. Never had a problem using the card and found the card-switching facility useful and the ability to draw up to £200 a week from ATM`s , and get points on the shadowing card - perhaps A virgin Atlantic Mastercard. Will be great when Amex comes in to the system and airmiles can be attributed either through Member Rewards or Avios on other Amex products…

Hey everyone,

I’ve been a curve card holder for almost a year, but really looking forward to getting the AMEX integration back (as most of my spend is through AMEX).

Big thank you to @Graham and @Curve_Marie for the invite.

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Hey Curve team! Congrats on the forum launch! Looking forward to keeping up with developments here.


Hi, all.

I’m Lee. I work as an editor for science fiction and fantasy books. I travel a lot for work, which is why I use Curve (no intl fees).

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Hey all! :wave:

I’m Thai, a UI/UX designer for Moneybox. Huge fan of curve! So… where do we post about feature requests?!? haha :joy:

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Welcome Tai!

You can do that in the feedback and ideas category :smiley: Please have a look at what’s already been suggested and make a separate thread for each idea/suggestion. That way people can share their thought and like the thread to show their interest.

For information on what we are currently working on and what’s to come, check out Curve’s Product Roadmap!


My name is Michal and I’m financial/operational analyst in Cemex company.
I’m traveling a lot so such solutions like Curve or Revolut really helps me to save some money and additionally Curve saves a lot of space in my wallet :wink:

Nice of you invite me in. Thanks!
I’m very fascinated with many recent technological breakthroughs in the fintech area, so I’ll be following the various forum topics closely and hope to be able to contribute in the future …