Introducing A New Generation Of Payment Cards

Our Crowdfunding Investors are the first ones to get them :star_struck:

The new cards without numbers on it will eventually become available to all Curve customers :smile:

Have you received yours yet? We’d love to see it below :point_down::sunglasses:


They look great! Do you know what the timescale is for the remaining customers?


I’m not sure what batch I’m in, no email yet :frowning:

I’ve received my curve card thank you!!!

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Waiting to have the new card :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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@Curve_Marie Hye. Any ETA of the numberless cards for standard metal customers or another investor round? Want to upgrade to metal but without numbers. Thanks

I got my red investor card! Thank you…


After activating it, when I click to view card details, and enter my passcode the app crashes!
Now I am stuck with a card I can’t use online?!

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Uninstall and reinstall the app. If you’re still having problems after that then email


I LOVE the minimalistic design of the new one
Though, I do confess that I prefer the Black card … is there any view that investors can get a Black card, with Investor on it ?


I really like the improved safety because of the lack of numbers, expiry date and CVV/CVC on the card. If that could be combined with the possibility to turn off contactless payment for the Curve card in the Curve app it would even feel safer to carry the card with me (will use GooglePay for contactless).


Got my red card today.
Looks modern indeed.

But I think I’ll keep it as souvenir and use my old card till it expires. The old one looks more proper with embossed name. I also can’t shake the feeling the card has the impression of being drugstore/dept. store loyalty card. XD


my latest understanding is that while stock lasts, if you are an investor who has a metal plan (no matter the amount invested) you’ll get a black metal card. maybe the thousand-times-tagged @Curve_Marie can confirm :slight_smile:


That’s the case for existing Metal customers, I don’t know whether that would apply if you upgraded to Metal after having been issued a plastic Investor card.

Do Metal card investors get a different card to the regular red/black investor cards, or are they all the same now?

Got mine. Do I have to activate it?

Not having the number is going to be a problem when making purchases on the phone (take aways for example). I only have the mobile with the app on so you’d end up doing this phone up, phone down dance as you try and find and quote the number, CVV etc. It actually decreases security as there is a temptation to write the details down. Maybe I’ll write them on the card with a Sharpie!


red investor card = blue or black level
black investor card = metal level

or what do you mean, sorry if I’m not clear :smiley:

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Many thanks Mollaka. I’m not sure if I am using the correct terminology (and I think you answered my questions) but I have a Curve Metal (colour red) at the moment and was just wondering if my new investor card when it arrives will be the same metal material. I like my existing card and would prefer to keep it if my new investor card is plastic. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense!

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if you have a metal subscription you’ll get a (black) metal investor card while stocks last (originally it was given only to those who invested above a specific threshold and they have preference, then the other investors who have NOT invested by that threshold will receive metal cards while they can supply them)